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Have you ever wondered what successful entrepreneurs have that you don’t? Are some entrepreneurs just lucky or do they have a magic touch?

Our thriving DEFINE franchisees don’t thrive on just luck or a magic touch, but they do have a few things in common that drive their success – passion, dedication, and a desire to help others be their absolute best!

If you have these traits, but the risk is stopping you, leave the risk-taking to us. Let our franchise model and support be the confidence you need to follow your passion and achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You just might be the franchisee that we’re seeking!

When making the decision to franchise with DEFINE, you may first consider factors that are tangible, such as a comfortable lifestyle, flexible schedule, and long-term wealth. However, don’t forget the intangible factors! Becoming a DEFINE franchisee can help you develop a sense of purpose in your community, personal fulfillment, and the feeling that you are in control of your future while following your passion for health and wellness.

  • Are you socially active in the community where you are looking to open a DEFINE?
  • Do you have a passion for helping people become their absolute best?
  • Are you ready to accomplish your personal and professional goals with an innovative business model destined to be the future of the wellness & fitness industry? 
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about health, wellness, and balance?

If you keep answering Yes, we invite you to continue exploring franchising with DEFINE!

However, before you research franchising with DEFINE or any other franchise opportunity, you should set professional and personal goals. Professional goals take into account cash flow, net worth, equity build-up, and spendable income. Personal goals should consider lifestyle issues that are important to you, like maintaining a social life, helping others, attending personal events, and so on. Most happy franchisees consider their personal goals to be more important than their professional goals.

Why do they say their personal goals are more important? Because many people who invest in a franchise have had financial success in the past. Aside from earning a standard paycheck, they couldn’t find a compelling reason to continue on their current career path. Money alone isn’t enough to keep them going, and will not hold your interest in the long-term.

It is vital to understand what your passion and priorities are before you approach any business venture. By knowing what provides you with happiness and satisfaction, you will find the path to success less cluttered.

With DEFINE, you will be taught operational and marketing processes for success. Our business and support systems are designed to help you structure your business to achieve, measure, and monitor your results.

We know of no franchisor, including us that can perfectly measure how satisfied you are with your personal goals and/or your quality of life. Franchisors measure your success by their definition, not yours. Most franchisors have no clue as to whether or not “successful” franchisees are living the life they originally desired after you’ve invested in a franchise. However, it’s solely your responsibility to create a clear definition of the goals that define what winning looks like for you.

Use your definition of winning as your criteria to compare various franchise opportunities. The franchise where you have the highest probability of attaining both your professional and personal goals is the franchise you should make an investment in, and we hope that DEFINE is that perfect fit for you!

At DEFINE, we are confident that we have a proven business model for success if you have the traits mentioned above- passion, dedication, and a desire to help others become their absolute best!

Allow the exciting world of franchising with DEFINE be your journey to a new life.


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