Hello! My name is Kelsey Lankford and I am currently participating in the 30 in 60 challenge at the Memorial Green location. I am a newlywed with two fur babies, balancing working in the corporate world with my love for health and wellness. I moved to Houston in August 2018, after getting engaged, and was looking for something to do before the wedding. My (now) husband actually recommended Define after hearing about it himself. I started with the 1 month unlimited in April of 2019, and was hooked, when that ended I signed up with the 6-month bridal package. I tied the knot in October of 2019, and when I got back from my honeymoon I renewed for a year-long contract because this truly has been the most excited and fun I have had working out in a long time. Define has positively impacted me physically and mentally, allowing me to clear my mind while engaging in a good sweat session. I mean, who lays their clothes out with excitement the night before for a 5:30AM workout..? Me! It is that impactful. I am petite in size with a semi-athletic build. Define, I believe, is going to give me the body composition I am looking for: long, lean, and (you guessed it) defined. I love having everything I need all in one studio: cardio, HIIT, recovery, and full body workouts. From the start of 2020 I have increased my focus on nutrition, making my results at Define even more noticeable to my friends and family! Some goals I am excited to continue to work towards are: more energy, better body composition, better posture, and getting a little stronger each week. Every class leaves me feeling accomplished, encouraged, and with a boost of endorphins. I am so thankful the instructors have created a positive and knowledgeable culture that allows me to continue learning about the workouts I am doing in class. If I had one piece of advice to share with someone thinking of joining Define (especially the Memorial Green location), it would be to speak to each instructor you take a class with. They are eager to help and share their expertise, and having that relationship makes each class even more fun to push yourself. I can’t wait to see how this challenge will allow me to grow both physically and mentally!