My name is Monika Chomiak. I am a 34 year old native Texan currently residing in Austin. I first visited Define in June of 2019. I took a Rev class and felt so empowered by the experience that I immediately committed to the monthly Absolute Best membership. 9 months later and I’m still attending classes regularly. Since becoming a member of Define Austin, my life has changed in countless positive ways. I sleep better, my posture has improved, my energy levels are higher, I feel very balanced mentally, and my physical health is the best it has ever been. I owe all of that to the encouraging instructors, the empowering atmosphere, the BOSS mindset, and the incredible vibes of the Define Austin studio. My favorite thing about Define Austin is the emotional connection to each class. No matter what my day is like I know that when I step into the Rev or Body room and connect with my breathing, my body & the music, I’m experiencing something truly magical. The ability to sweat out my day with other mindful and health-conscious individuals is a sacred ritual that I honor dearly. My goals for this 30 in 60 challenge are to incorporate more yoga-infused classes into my weekly routine to increase flexibility, challenge myself with more 30/30 classes to improve my stamina, and to adapt better eating habits in order to optimize my health. I’m so thrilled to be able to participate in this challenge and share my journey through social media. I am such a fan of Define Austin and how much it has improved my life flow. My hope is to share that love with a social audience and both encourage + motivate them to seek out the power within themselves to try out that first class, to believe in themselves, and to say YES to a fitness journey.