Hey Define fam, my name is Connor, I’ve been a Define client for over a year and approaching my 170th class. I’m 25 years old and made Austin my home after graduation from Indiana University, pursuing a career in technology sales (original story right?). I discovered Define after moving into the Windsor apartment in the same complex. Initially, I assumed Define was comparable to any other fitness studio, until one afternoon while taking a walk, I observed a room full of people dangling upside down from hammocks during a Mind class. That single moment peaked my interest, and I have been a Define regular ever since. Not long after I completed my first week of Define, I realized I had found a missing element to balancing out my desired lifestyle. Classes that emphasize length, balance, and flexibility were a perfect complement to my fitness profile. Depending on the season, a large portion of my freetime is dedicated to Ice Hockey, Weight Lifting, Running and Hiking. Considering my injury history I stood to grow significantly by merely adding Define to my routine as accessory work to aid in recovery and injury prevention. Fast forward a year and I’m amazed simply by how much better I feel on a daily basis from improved posture, flexibility, and overall wellness. Choosing to participate in the 30 in 60 Challenge was a no brainer for me, I view friendly competition as a method to bring people together. The 30/60 brings a common goal and sense of camaraderie to a group of motivated individuals, some will be challenged to make it to 30 classes first, whereas some will be challenged to complete 30 classes. When the 60 days comes to an end, my end goal for this challenge is to see as many names with 30 stickers next to them as possible, regardless of time to completion. Through the ups and downs of everyone’s day to day, a sense of drive and accountability will ultimately bring the participants together to complete their 30 classes. When the challenge is said and done, I expect to feel an intrinsic sense of accomplishment and newfound appreciation for my fellow participants. Not to mention… We will all feel great about the summer physiques we’re chiseling over the next 60 days. Looking forward to seeing the rows hit the 30 marker, hope to see you out there. Connor