Someone asked me after rev about the race and why I was doing it, so I decided to summarize here a few reasons why I decided to raise funds for the Charles Darwin Foundation’s (CDF) shark research and conservation efforts in the Galapagos: ? They have an educational outreach campaign called ‘Protect the fins and the ocean wins’ to promote Galapagos as an example of sustainable co-existence between humans and sharks ?? They hold programs with the goal of increasing scientific knowledge about habitats critical to shark survival, such as nursery, feeding and migratory patterns: the CDF wants to understand these behaviors in order to conserve their populations ??? They stand against the illegal, industrial and non-industrial fishing of sharks and other endangered species, no matter the scale: last year’s case of the illegal fishing vessel (read about it here) is not an isolated event and clearly highlights the logistical and economic challenge of enforcing and patrolling large protected areas, like the Galapagos Marine Reserve with 53,000 squared miles of protected waters. I want to help them by funding both research initiatives and their fight against illegal fishing in the Reserve.