While traditional fitness programs only focus on the superficial aspects of getting your body in shape, it’s important not to forget your mind! DEFINE’s body & mind transformation is designed to help you develop positive new mental and emotional habits, while getting physically stronger, leaner, and healthier. Combining all 5 methods of classes (body, mind, yoga, rev, & DEFINE BOUNCE) available at DEFINE studios helps you fulfill both, your movement and mindfulness goals.

Working on the mind and body together gives you the power to truly find your recipe for lasting success. DEFINE works within your individual preferences to help you achieve your transformation. In just 10 classes or less, you will start to notice and feel the difference! DEFINE’s goal is to inspire you to continue that journey to your ABSOLUTE BEST, while making your experience fun, effective, & life-changing, while also helping you make friendships that will last a lifetime!

When you hear the word “transformation,” what do you think of? For us, we think of a “no going back” experience where you start to live your best life. And that’s what you will experience at DEFINE. You will not be the same person you were when you started. You will be transformed both, body & mind.

Never has the importance of personal transformation been so important. Work, family, & personal stresses are at an all-time high, and many of us are trying to find inner peace and wellness among the chaos of our daily life.
It’s important to remember as you start this transformation with DEFINE, to transform your thoughts and actions, as well as consciously choose to take full responsibility for living your life’s true purpose.

So where do you begin the inner transformation process?

1. Create balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

The first key is to create a simultaneous balance of the mind, body and spirit. All reinforce each other, and when you focus too much on one in isolation, the process is held back by lack of balance. DEFINE believes that physical strength, length, and balance all impact both states of mind and being. This is why we encourage you to discover the benefits of all classes, as they combine aspects of Pilates, barre, indoor cycling, trampoline fitness, meditation, yoga, and more to find your balance.

2. Calm your mind & express your emotions.

The heart of any transformation is to get in touch with your emotions and allow them to be expressed. DEFINE mind, meditation, & yoga classes are designed to help you release emotions and energy from your body that no longer serve you, which then creates the space for you to embody inner-peace. When you allow yourself to experience emotions in your body, free your mind from the past, and connect with your pure power and light, transformations occur rapidly and are permanent.

3. Be the example of living your ABSOLUTE BEST self.

A full and complete inner transformation requires you to practice living from the space of love and light. True personal fulfillment comes from being of service and helping others embark on their own journey towards transformation to their absolute best. This is the backbone of our DEFINE community and you experience this every time you are in our studios. Not only do our instructors help you on your journey, but those that are also on their journey support your efforts too.
Sharing your uplifted energy and the success of your journey and transformation with everyone you meet will inspire others to start and focus on their journey. This is the sign that you’ve successfully made YOUR personal transformation.

Troy Wise