Q & A with Henry Richardson

14 Questions To  Get To Know Henry Richardson, Benefit From Some Health Tips, & Better Understand DEFINE!

  1. What made you choose fitness as a career? – I completely fell into this career by following my passion.  I used to be a springboard and platform diver, and I had a lower back injury that took me to my very first yoga and Pilates class.  I had an athletic background, and I was SHOCKED at how the smaller movements could be so challenging, but I was even more shocked when my back pain started to disappear.  I moved to New York City, and I started taking all of my favorite classes.  And because everyone has a few jobs in NYC, I decided to turn my new found passion into a job.  It wasn’t until after I graduated from Graduate School that I made it my full profession.
  2. Why do you think obesity is on the rise and what can one do to prevent this from early on? – It’s really simple.  There is a supply and demand issue.  What is easily and readily available is not healthy for us.  And, all of us want convenience.  The demand is on convenience, so the suppliers are supplying food that is easy and convenient.  This doesn’t create a very healthy situation.  Fast food isn’t the approach to living a healthy life. If we go back to living close to nature, eating foods in their whole form, following a seasonal meal plan, and consuming food that is close to our location, obesity disappears.  Instead, we go into a grocery store or eat out at restaurants that have large portions or overly processed foods.  I am not someone who stays away from restaurant foods or even the occasional junk food, I follow and 80/20 rule of balance.  However, I focus on eating foods that I know are going to make me feel nourished and allow me to do the wonderful things I want to do in this world.  The western diet of “convenience” has started to influence the rest of the world.  Now, Americans are realizing how important it is to eat like our great-grandparents used to eat:  close to nature.
  3. What makes DEFINE so Distinctive or different from other fitness centers? Why would I choose DEFINE? – Every single person needs strength, cardio, and flexibility in order to be healthy, DEFINE offers it ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!  Not only are we offering exceptional classes that produce amazing results, you can walk into our boutique style concept and rest assured that you are going to get an amazing class with personal training style results, with a group class rate and fun energy.  This makes financial sense, this makes physiological sense, and best of all, we offer a variety of styles of classes so you will never get bored!  We are always hoping to push people while helping them to “DEFINE” their own sense of health and awareness!  In doing this, we create results that are not only phenomenal but help people learn how to stay healthy for the rest of their life!
  4. With a plethora of choices available in the market, how would I know what’s good or right for me? – You need to ask yourself a few questions.
    1. Am I having fun ?
    2. Am I getting results that are good for my body & mind ?
    3. Is this something I can stick with for the long-term ?
    4. Is this the right community for me ?Q & A with Henry Richardson 1
  5. If you had to define all that you do in one line, how would you do it? – DEFINE educates our clients on becoming their physical and mental absolute best through strength, cardio, and balance.
  6. What is your philosophy for staying fit and healthy? – My philosophy is to practice what I preach!  Do strength training, do some cardio, and do as much stretching as possible to keep my body in the best shape possible, while staying balanced for the long-term.  My lower back injury forces me to remind myself that stretching is the ultimate key to staying in balance.   Our bodies natural tendency is to get tight and constricted. Keep the body strong with strength training, keep your heart strong with cardio vascular work, and be sure to do as much stretching as possible.
  7. Is there a difference between focusing on getting the best body and focusing on what we think is the perfect body? – DEFINE is all about “defining” you own path to heath and wellness.  We do amazing things for the body, we create a rejuvenation for the mind, and we cater to clients of all ages and fitness levels.  Our goal is to help educate our clients on their body.  What works for one person, is not what works for another person.  We want to help people get the results they want, while helping to educate clients on what health looks like for each person.  There is no point in having really low body fat percentage, if your nervous system is out of sorts and you aren’t sleeping well.  We want people to be healthy for the long-term factoring in, sleep, movement, nutrition, emotions, and mental clarity.
  8. What do you say to people, who say they don’t have the time to work out? -I can give people a 5-minutee routine that is a full body workout that produces results!  The only problem, once you do the five minutes, you are going to want more and more.  It is setting a priority.  I don’t always have time to brush my teeth at night, but I always brush my teeth because I care about the health of my teeth and gums.  If someone is really busy in day to day life, working out is one of the best ways we can release stress and feel our best, so we can be working at improving ourselves each and every day.  Exercise is a beautiful metaphor for how we deal with all items in life.  When a challenge is presented, do we run away from it, or do we get stronger?
  9. What is your favorite workout routine? Why? – I live for our DEFINE body & rev class.  When you are finished with the full body strengthening and stretching and then an amazing time for safe, effective, and FUN cardio, you leave feeling like you can conquer the day ahead.  Life can get overwhelming, so having my DEFINE classes as my go to, are an essential part of my daily routine.  The fact that the classes are so effective are simply icing on the cake.
  10. If your goal is to shed some weight and tone up, how many times a week do you recommend working out? And how long should your workouts be? – The best thing about our classes, is you can do the classes every single day.  We aren’t lifting heavy weights and we are practicing sustainable movements with the combo of strength and flexibility.  With that said, if you are wanting to see results, we ask people to come in for two weeks as often as they can.  This gives them initial results that get them extremely motivated.  After this, having a routine like 3 times each week is a perfect goal.  You want to be sure you create a schedule that is something you enjoy.  You want to look forward to moving.  It can be one of the best parts of our days.
  11. What are good pre and post workout snacks? – It depends on the time of the day, but I often encourage people to eat something very light before they come and take a class, something like a piece of fruit or perhaps a small smoothie.  Afterwards, you want to consume more food.  You want to be sure you are eating within an hour after working out.  Our body will become slightly inflamed if you are not fueling yourself after you exercise. We encourage our juices as a wonderful post work out snack, especially our DEFINE foods’ “recover” juice which is a cashew milk.
  12. What inspires you? Do you think it is very important to be inspired and stay inspired? – I am inspired by our clients and their stories.  I’m also inspired by my 6 year old son.  I want to be healthy for him, and I want to stay healthy for him.  Plus, I am hoping to inspire him and his habits towards health and wellness.  It is essential to stay inspired.  Whenever I am feeling like I am needing a little pick me up, I will download a new book on audible.  Right now, I am reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  It is filled with inspiring messages on living your best life.
  13. Fueling your body takes a lot of work, what are your tips? – Eat your biggest meal at lunch. Also, eat in a way that is right for YOU.  Some people should avoid gluten, some should eat gluten, some people should avoid dairy, others should eat it.  Some people should focus on raw vegetables, while others should avoid raw and eat cooked vegetables.  Every person has a task to learn their body and understand what is fueling for them.  One person’s food, is another person’s poison.  Our message at DEFINE is education for this very reason.  Find what fuels you and then also find out what depletes you.  If you can figure out the foods that are fueling for you and then eliminate the foods that are depleting, then you are setting yourself up for so much wonderful health, that you can afford to cheat every now and then.  Over time, you want even want to cheat because it won’t make you feel as good as you normally feel.  Enjoy life, enjoy moving, enjoy eating good food, and spend time with people that give you energy.  This is what living a healthy life is all about.
  14. How does one make each workout count for achieving goals and what are your top 5 tips to achieve a mind-body transformation? – If you are looking to make a mind-body transformation, we should all follow these simple tips.
    1. Set a clear intention.  What motivates you?  What is going to get you to push past the occasional, “I don’t feel like it today” and instead move into a place of, “I am currently tired, but my workout is going to fuel me and help me regain my sense of connection to my best self.”  Once you have a clear goal and intention, you are more likely to start seeing your workout beyond a chore for your body.
    2. Make your workout routine about all aspects of your life.  Who in your family do you want to be strong for?  Are you wanting a promotion at work ?  Your workout can help you take things beyond your physical body and help you to transform all aspects of your life.  We are always tying the mind-body connection because it WORKS!  When you make things bigger than making your booty look better, you are making changes that will last with you forever.
    3. Follow the 80/20 rule with food because having a cheat day helps us keep on track the other days.  I would encourage you to do the same with your workout, balance out with a day or two of complete rest.  Your body will enjoy the movement the day after rest because it will feel amazing.
    4. BREATHE – the most important factor in our health is how we breathe.  We spend time talking about food, movement, and drinking plenty of water, but the thing we do more often than any other activity is breathing.  Our breath influences our nervous system as well as the health of every cell in our body.  Spend time taking deep inhales and long exhales.  Our body must have this in order for us it to function appropriately, and often times people are heard grunting and making funny faces when working out.  This means, we aren’t breathing.  So BREATHE!
    5. Balance – give your body a variety of motions, working a variety of muscles, and add a stretching element into your routine so you can be as physically healthy and as physically balanced as you can be.  This will directly transfer over into all areas of your life, and it is a powerful way to help keep you mentally excited about all the various activities and obstacles life can throw your way.
Q & A with Henry Richardson 2 Henry teaches several classes per week throughout the Houston area. CHECK OUT the schedule for Houston studios to see when you can make one of his inspiring, effective classes! DEFINE body & mind was developed by founder and Houston native Henry Richardson in 2009. To learn more about Henry & DEFINE, CLICK HERE!