I am a modern mom, the mom that wants to do it all and have it all. I love my family, love being a business woman, and thrive as an entrepreneur. As crazy and hectic as my life sometimes gets, I really would not have it any other way. My latest goal is to bring DEFINE body & mind to Bergen County, NJ, and start helping my community be their absolute best! A Little About Me I have a background in sales while specializing in wholesale fashion for over 15 years. After the birth of my first son, my outlook on life changed. I lost the hunger to climb ranks in the corporate world, and desired flexibility to spend more time with my son. I enjoyed taking my son to baby gym classes. I found myself traveling all over the city just to take him to a class and wondered why there was not place in my neighborhood. I thus saw the opportunity to go into business for myself, based on me not finding what I need around me. I would have never thought I would be in the children’s gym business, but as they say, your life changes after you have kids. I opened a Kidville location in 2010 in NYC and never looked back on the corporate world. Opening Kidville, in one of the stressful economic times, was one of the most challenging feats I have ever accomplished. Learning to never give up with so many obstacles was a big life lesson, and succeeding while being a mother of 2 young boys allowed me to impress not only my community, but myself. Following My Passion My life follows my passions. When opening up Kidville, my passion were my kids and being around kids. But as my children grew older, I started to take care of myself again. I began to work out, which then lead to me eating better. I started to do more yoga and meditation to have balance in my life. During the process, I started to look and feel better about myself. To accomplish my goals to continue and improve, I tried numerous fitness routines and gyms around me. However, nothing kept me interested. I just never found exactly what I was looking for. Thus again, the business side of me saw an opportunity. And as fate had it, I found DEFINE body & mind! As I was searching for new and innovative boutique fitness franchise, DEFINE popped up on my screen and I immediately became excited about the opportunity. After visiting the studios last October, I fell completely in love. I love the decor, concept, atmosphere, the variety of classes, and all the amazing offerings in the form of DEFINE foods and retail. Everything about DEFINE, defined my life at the moment and wanting to take care of myself and others, both physically and mentally, it just seemed like the perfect fit!!! What really differentiated DEFINE from other fitness boutique opportunities was the idea that clients can enjoy five methods of fitness in one studio and have fun while achieving unbelievable results! DEFINE will be a new concept to the New Jersey community. I’m excited to educate people on all the benefits associated with being a DEFINE client. Initially, I will use a variety of mediums that include social media, networking, mailers, and holding FREE classes at neighborhood farmer’s market, whole foods markets, community centers, and in town’s celebration festivals. I also hope to build relationships with other community retailers such as spas, salons, and dance studios to cross-promote. I have a passion for DEFINE that runs deep and I truly believe others will too. I am so excited to share it with everyone in Bergen County and I look forward to helping others be their ABSOLUTE BEST! Ellen Park New Franchisee for Bergen County, NJ Follow Us On Facebook Follow Us on Instagram