Have you ever thought about how lucky we are that Valentine’s Day hits in February instead of January? It gives us approximately 45 days to undo everything unhealthy we may have done to our bodies over the holidays. There are New Year’s resolutions, “Dry Januarys”, cleanses & detoxes that help get us back on track…back on track to look oh so good for that special someone you plan or hope to celebrate with on February 14th. Even if you boycott the holiday, let’s face it- society deems this a “sexy” holiday. So let’s talk about how you get that sexy back? Side note: I am extremely uncomfortable telling anyone how to get/feel/become sexy. Who in the world am I on this topic?! But, let’s give it a go…shall we? While sexy is subjective, a healthy body no doubt is attractive. Someone who invests the time to take care of him or herself cares not only about how they look but how they feel. Take a rev class, for example—when the body crosses from an aerobic to anaerobic state (think fast jogs, intense climbs), it’s suddenly operating without enough oxygen needed from the cells inside the muscles. That changes the way the brain reacts to the stress the rider is placing on the body. After repeated classes, the body is becoming more efficient at handling these stressors, and an elevated mood develops. Soon- not only does the person feel better, but also they start to look better, and so the cycle begins. Let’s say to be sexy was not the original goal—but maybe it could evolve into one. Give yourself a timeframe- maybe 3 weeks. 4 cardio classes a week- one that sends you into a highly intense state, consistently. Notice your mood, and changes within the body. Are you feeling better? Are you looking better? Are you eating healthier as a result? If your answer is yes—then it’s worth it, right?! Whether or not the original goal was to get your sexy back… And what is sexy anyway? To me- sexy is someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin and makes healthy choices most but not all of the time. We have to live a little, yes?! So take this month and see if you can find the sexy in yourself— think about it as continuing the resolution stuff from last month— this time with a little more heart <3 Jennifer Harkins Head of Instructor rev Training Follow me on Facebook Favorite quote: “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.”