It’s no secret how DEFINE believes in and operates as a community. A sense of belonging and connection to something bigger than us all—a movement or a collective mindset—unlocks another level of commitment and dedication. Not to mention, the straight up fun of group sweats.

We also know that there’s strength in numbers, the old saying goes, and that’s especially true when it comes to getting the most out of your fitness and wellness routine. Social support encourages physical activity. A DEFINE buddy (or five) make such support even more personal. If you’ve decided to become more engaged in wellness, be more active, and become your absolute best this summer, having friends and family join you at DEFINE will help you achieve and maintain that goal.

When it comes to working out, having a friend along can be extremely beneficial. It usually means fewer skipped classes. Registering for classes with friends helps hold you accountable for getting your workout in. Enjoying DEFINE classes with a partner (both male or female), opens up a whole new range of possibilities for motivation. Training partners can help you hang tough and achieve your goals more efficiently while having fun and building your relationships.

Check out these five primary reasons to bring your friends and family to DEFINE:

1. More motivation and no excuses to miss classes – DON’T FEEL LIKE working out after work? It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself—it’s another to cancel on a friend who’s counting on you.

2. Makes classes and training more fun – Something to look forward to while working out with a buddy is the fun you’ll have together in class and the time you get afterwards to catch up. Use the buddy system as a time to connect with a friend, try a new class, and reward yourself afterwards with lunch, dinner, or just a catch-up session with a delicious DEFINE Juice!

3. You push each other more to achieve your ABSOLUTE BEST – Whenever you’re working out with someone else, the intensity is always going to be greater than when you’re alone.

4. Classes bring people together which builds community and expands your social circle – If you are working towards a common goal, it helps to build more resolve, connections, and resilience. It’s a fantastic feeling to achieve a goal, and it can be even better when you achieve it and celebrate with others.

5. Train together & stay together – there is nothing that strengthens friendships and relationships more than a shared mission to be your absolute best!

Need more of a reason to bring a friend or family member to DEFINE? Well, if they purchase a program designed to fulfill their goals, you receive a 25% OFF your next month’s program cost.

Interested in learning more? Ask your local studio for more details.