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DEFINE body & mind is growing, globally.

The Houston-based fitness boutique founded in 2009 by Henry Richardson, has cornered the market locally and launched an aggressive franchise-based expansion strategy. 

Founded by Henry Richardson in 2009, DEFINE body + mind was conceived through Richardson’s own personal pain management and post-graduate study.  Chronic discomfort from injuries sustained over  years of being an All American diving athlete, including a broken back, led him to his first Pilates/Yoga/Ballet hybrid class. At the end of class, Richardson knew this form of exercise would inspire massive change   and set the trajectory for his life’s work. 

The franchise is based on the belief that physical strength, length, and balance impact both state of mind and well-being. Clients enjoy a combination of barre, cycling, yoga, trampoline, hammock and more, all under one eco-friendly roof. DEFINE studios inspire results, foster community, and give back to achieve sustainable health and happiness.

why we franchise

When DEFINE began to take off as more than another movement studio, we wanted to let others with an entrepreneurial spirit in on the journey with us. 

Franchising is more than a business expansion concept; it is a way to create meaningful connections with individuals tightly connected to the movement communities in their hometowns, to expand the reach of our innovative approach to whole-life happiness and wellbeing, and to create opportunities for prospective business owners to have an amazing vessel to grow their professional experience and themselves, personally.

Franchising DEFINE has been a platform for exactly that:


Supporting entrepreneurial-minded individuals work for themselves, yet not by themselves


Giving partners who are excited about hard work and making an impact a low-risk opportunity to open and operate a DEFINE studio


Connecting people passionate about being their absolute best with other like-minded individuals and in turn, cultivating like-minded communities

We’ve written some blog posts on why we franchise and what’s unique about DEFINE –
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our founder

Meet the faces behind the brand, the heartbeats behind the hardwork(outs).

Henry Richardson


Richardson’s mission for DEFINE is to build a sustainable health and wellness community across the franchise, using a holistic lifestyle approach so members can reach their physical and inner strength goals, as defined by them. A native Houstonian, Henry conceived DEFINE’s contemporary, integrated body-mind concept through personal pain management and post-graduate study. Deeply committed to individuals living their absolute best life, Henry focuses on developing new programs, products and relationships to continue to lead the industry and break further ground in the mind, body and spirit wellness market.

Erin O’Leary Stewart


Erin’s background in professional dance and teaching Pilates, barre, dance and fitness classes coupled with a culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, perfectly aligns with her role in and contribution to the success of DEFINE. Erin joined DEFINE in 2011 as co-owner, playing a vital role in expanding the brand with its third location, developing new class programs, and creating DEFINE foods; a program dedicated to educating on the importance of whole foods health. In 2013, Erin transitioned to work on the implementation of the franchise program, with the ultimate goal of bringing DEFINE to every viable community.

hear from our partners

“Opening our studio was a lot of work, of course, but it was also fun and exciting. We had tremendous support from corporate and the process was everything they said it would be. We have multiple businesses and a 2 year old child, so having checklist and regular calls kept us on schedule and prepared throughout every step of the way.”

Paige & Matt Jarvis


“Although this is my first experience with franchising, I know one of the biggest difficulties a company that franchises has is maintaining a consistent level of quality across all franchises, and ensuring that the values & culture of their brand is consistent across locations. I really admire how DEFINE manages this and carefully chooses franchisees who will ultimately work the hardest at instilling those values in their staff and creating that culture. DEFINE did an excellent job providing us an action plan and now ongoing support during the weekly calls.”

Laura Olivier


“I first came to DEFINE in 2009 as a guest with my daughter and we both suffered from back injuries. We found that DEFINE was amazing and it helped us maintain our fitness goals while finding a solution to our back pain. Several years later, I realized that I wanted to be part of the solution for others and decided to open a DEFINE myself. The franchise training was exciting and incredibly informative! I now feel fully supported and ready to open DEFINE: Bellaire!”

Debrah Hall

DEFINE: Bellaire

franchise benefits

Aside from creating a movement of movers and shakers in your community and inspiring the health and wellness scene, joining the DEFINE Franchise family holds so much potential:

The health & wellness industry is thriving and continues to grow

You access an innovative and proprietary franchise model that offers a variety of popular, yet unique fitness and wellness classes


The atmosphere of our studios promotes an upscale environment that attracts a broad client base that is committed to fitness, health & wellness


Support and guidance on location selection and studio design


Initial & ongoing operations and marketing support, tools, and technologies


Initial and ongoing instructor training programs: live and online


Access to continuous updates of class choreography and new exercises


Access to a proprietary line of cold-pressed juices, granola, and superfood bars


Access to a team committed to community building and charitable giving

ideal franchisee

We’re looking for Franchisees who live, breathe and embody the DEFINE way of being:


You are passionate about health, wellness, & balance


You have a desire to help others become their absolute best


You are excited about multiple revenue streams that include recurring income, exclusive products, branded programs, and so much more


You are eager to be part of an innovative business model with high growth potential


You want to be part of a creative, fun, & dynamic team of people


You have a solid understanding of business, operations, and marketing


You are community-minded and ready to bring DEFINE to your neighborhood


our foundation, DEFINEd.

DEFINE is built on a four distinct pillars that inform every decision we make:


We believe wellbeing results from balancing the body and mind, and that each individual has their own definition of what that means for them. We’re the space for them to understand and DEFINE it.


It’s more than the movement; it’s the space you move in. Every element of your experience—sights, sounds, smells—is designed to enhance your energy and inspire you to achieve results.


A sense of belonging and connection to something bigger than us all—a movement or a collective mindset—unlocks another level of commitment and dedication. Not to mention, the straight up fun of group sweats.

giving back

Giving back or paying it forward; the ripple effect of acts of generosity extend far and wide. Contributing to the communities we’re in fosters a full circle of wellbeing and creates connections beyond our studio doors.


so, you’re in(terested).
what’s next?

Simply put, it’s one form, and one conversation.

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2. Wait for our call: we’ll reach out to you.

When we connect, we’ll give you insight and information about the business, starting simply by introducing ourselves, and moving deeper into the details as we continue to chat. You’ll learn it all; how many instructors you’ll need, what support you will receive, timelines and startup costs to setting franchise expectations, and what marketing resources and operations support will be available to you.

Most importantly, together we’ll discover and determine if is DEFINE is the right fit for you; so you enter into a business that suits you and is a catalyst for your ability to thrive and have some serious #lifelove.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards DEFINE-ing your community, complete this form. We can’t wait to talk to you soon.