“I had noticeable results in flexibility and posture within just a few DEFINE mind classes.”

It’s easy to focus on building muscle or cardio stamina. The third pillar of health we tend to overlook is flexibility. Read on for benefits you didn’t know you were missing.

1. You’ll move more.

Flexible muscles mean you have more range of motion around your joints. Stiff muscles or limited range of motion can lead to pain, injury, and generally missing out on being your absolute best. When we focus only on strength or cardio in our workouts, or if we are skipping out on workouts, our muscles can become shorter. This can change the way your joints move, exposing you to higher risk of injury.

Research shows that self-myofascial release, like the type you gain in DEFINE mind classes can increase your range of motion.

2. You’ll have less pain.

Stretching and myofascial release help muscles relax. Because of this, they can lessen lower back pain. The muscles in our lower back tend to be contracted during the day, while we’re sitting or doing everyday activities. Because of this they can become stressed and cause pain. Developing more flexibility in your hamstrings, hip flexors, quadriceps, and other muscles and reverse the effects of stress on your lower back and limit the tightening that causes pain.

3. You’ll have more muscle tone.

Want better muscle definition? Develop greater elasticity in your muscles by dedicating 1 mind class for every 2 strength or cardio classes that you take. Not only will you feel better, but your muscles will have greater definition.

Schedule a DEFINE mind class this week and see for yourself.