Saddle Up Wondering what you should eat and drink to get the most out of your rev workout? Wonder no more… Depending upon when you plan on saddling up; your intake of food and drink can make or break your rev workout.  Staying hydrated is not a shock in how well you perform on the bike. If you plan an early workout—staying hydrated the later part of the preceding day is important—as well as drinking throughout the day on the day you have that after-work cycling class. Before your class—eat a light snack with enough time to digest it before you get onto the bike. Something with an equal protein to carbs ratio works great. If you rev first thing in the am, fasting is ok—but water is absolutely necessary. After class—rebuild and repair with a good quality lean protein. Do this within 30 minutes, so your muscles can receive the nutrients which can increase your energy and leave you feeling less stiff. Remember your fluids post workout maximize flushing out any soreness you may have created for better recovery. Oh, and last but not least, stretch! That’s food right there for the entire body and mind! Jennifer Harkins, Head of Instructor Training for rev WU, RO, TW

“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.”