DEFINE Your Strength With Three Key Moves

Years of working as a fitness instructor for DEFINE body & mind have taught me true strength means strength of body, mind, and soul—and any good workout should help you cultivate all three.

Exercise is a great way to unlock an inner strength you may not have realized was there. It increases both physical and mental stamina, and gives you the confidence to face the day-to-day hurdles. It teaches you not only to be strong for yourself, but how to be strong for others. It makes you a stronger parent, spouse, friend, or family member. It is a daily reminder that the physical challenge in front of you is nothing compared to what life will dish out. Start your journey to becoming stronger today with just a few reps of the three energizing moves below. If you get a thirst for more, check out the nearest 60 min DEFINE body class. You are guaranteed to leave empowered and ready to embrace your full potential. And if and any point you want to give up, just ask yourself: “What are you getting strong for?”

1) Side Plank with a Twist // A total body exercise that sculpts the arms and abdominals


2) Alternating Lunges + Wide Second // Works legs and glutes from every angle and improves balance


3) Scissor + Curls // Targets core and obliques to make you strong from the inside out

Ashley Barbar
Instructor for DEFINE body, rev, mind, and yoga 
Locations: WU, RO, MO, TW
Favorite Quote: “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.” — Mother Teresa
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