NOW OPEN • 2515 Morse Street, Houston, Texas 77019


Fitness Boutique Brand Defines Hip-Zen Trend with Modern Day Wellness Space

DEFINE body & mind, an exercise studio specializing in balanced fitness, has expanded its business model and created a unique health and wellness destination for the Houston community. Slated to open on September 14th, DEFINE living will be the city’s premier meditation studio and newest location for everything hip-zen. “At DEFINE, we educate individuals on how to be their best from the inside out. The class offerings will go beyond the exclusive line-up of DEFINE fitness classes and include programs from partner studios all over Houston,” said Richardson. “DEFINE living is intended to be a modern day community space for all things health and wellness that brings all of the wonderful things people are doing in Houston together.” Developed to help guests live their best life, DEFINE living will offer a space in which one can be inspired and enriched. Clients will be able to participate in a variety of classes targeted to enhance one’s life including meditation classes, lifestyle workshops, book clubs, and other inspirational offerings to help clients feel and look their absolute best. “As important as it is to move the body for health and wellness, it is even more important to be still.  This is and has been my philosophy ever since I discovered meditation,” said Henry Richardson, Founder and Co-Owner. “My goal with DEFINE living is to help people continue to evolve along their wellness path and embrace the power of meditation.” Nestled between River Oaks and Montrose at 2515 Morse, DEFINE living was an existing building that was transformed by Richardson and the DEFINE team. Richardson, who is LEED AP certified, is a firm believer in evolving and improving spaces into unique and eco-friendly destinations. In addition to classes and workshops, an ambrosial tea bar and retail area will be a significant component of DEFINE living featuring a well-curated collection of products including skincare items, essential oils, stationary, spa wear, meditation essentials, leisure and lounge wear, jewelry, interior décor, candles, books, tea and gifts. A sampling of the signature brands that will be offered include DYI (fitness apparel), L:A Bruket (skin care) and Graf lantz (modern/clean women’s and men’s accessories and home design) among others. Clients can sign up for classes through the and select a spot for their desired class schedule.  Daily meditation classes, as well as weekly workshops and weekly book club meetings will be offered. A variety of mediation classes will be taught daily including the following:
  • Kids: Give your child the best gift you can offer of improved attention, better health, stronger communication, and the ability to manage emotions. Kids can start meditating as young as 5 years old. This class will be filled with activities that are centered around mindfulness and fun.
  • Foundation: For those new to the practice, DEFINE living offers the basic meditation class called, Foundation, that will help client’s answer questions such as:  what is meditation? which meditation style will be best for me? how do I start a meditation practice? and how do I sustain a meditation practice?
  • Intentions: Start your day with powerful intentions to create a plan of action on how you want to live your best life.  Set yourself up for an amazing experience of abundance in all aspects of your life.
  • Aroma: Aromatherapy can be an amazing way to help achieve balance and harmony, as well as physical and emotional well-being. Creating a space of openness and flow is the goal of any meditation, and one of the easiest ways of shifting into flow is through the sense of smell. This class will focus on using essential oils, based on your individual preferences, as a major part of shifting from active minds into sensing all of your beauty within.
  • Breathe: Breathing can be the easiest way to shift into greater health and happiness. Learn simple and even more advanced breathing techniques to help you with any activity, meditation, or practice. Instructors will teach breathing techniques and then guide clients in a meditation practice utilizing this technique to help shift from activity into being your best.
  • Love: This meditation will help you bring focus to your heart and help you learn to listen, enhance, and live from a greater place of love.
  • Mantra: Learn how to use “mantra” meditation, also known as “my tool”, on how to shift your thoughts from active thinking into more restful being. This class will have a daily mantra that will help create improved health and a sense freedom as we empower clients to learn how to meditate in an easy and effortless way.
  • Parents: Learn how to easily and effortlessly incorporate meditation into your life and allow it to help you be your very best.
  • Sound: This unique class blends sounds of present day with traditional healing sounds of the past. Learn how listening to music, vibrations of a singing bowl, and complete stillness can all be effective ways of creating harmony in body & mind.
  • Teen: Give your teen the ability to improve awareness, concentration, and emotional stability through our teen practice of meditation. Teens are going through a variety of changes, so it is extremely helpful to empower them with a tool they can use to calm their body and mind.
DEFINE living was created with a combination of materials geared towards better health, better living and being better for the environment. The space has a warm, hip and zen feel to it – a trademark of DEFINE’s unique brand identity. is COMING SOON! Questions? Email