DEFINE Instructor for body, rev, mind & yoga

I love DEFINE because…

I love DEFINE because it fosters a community that is fun and supporting. It’s more than just a workout studio. I’ve met some of my closest friends and the community here always pushes me and fellow clients to be our absolute best.

  • In my class, you could expect… A huge variety of music, dad jokes, and a butt-kicking fun workout.
  • My biggest advice to a DEFINE newcomer is… Have fun! Enjoy the 1 hour you are dedicating to yourself here at DEFINE and honor the process that it takes to get to your goals.
  • My favorite move is… Lunges!!!
  • My favorite work out attire includes… Lululemon Pacebreaker shorts and any top from Athletic Revolution.
  • My favorite healthy meal is… I love all the seasonal soups at Local Foods here in Houston, especially their avocado potato leek soup. I love it so much that I actually make it at home too.
  • I get my inspiration from… My friends! I love to surround myself with people who always strive to do the most!
  • My favorite physical activity outside of DEFINE is… Hiking.
  • My morning ritual includes… Breakfast, read, & check schedule (in that order).
  • Something not many people would know about me is… I have a degree in Engineering.
  • My perfect day off is spent… Eating at a place I never ate before and catching up with friends! I also love scouting locations for photoshoots.
  • Before bed, I always like to… Do my nightly skincare regimen, it’s kind of a meditation for me each evening.

About Billy:

Originally from New York, Billy moved to Houston with his family where he completed High School and continued to study at the University of Houston, graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. During college, Billy worked at the front desk and after 2 years decided to audition to become a DEFINE instructor. Billy completed his RYT training in 2016 and currently teaches all 5 methods at DEFINE. Outside of DEFINE you can find Billy honing his photography skills and planning his next hiking destination.