DEFINE Instructor for body, rev, mind, & yoga

I love DEFINE because…

I’ve been with DEFINE since 2010 and I love that I’ve always felt challenged and inspired, as a student and as a teacher. Every day I get to interact with all different types of people, each with their own stories, challenges, strengths, and goals. I get really excited about being a part of whatever their journey is that day and am grateful they choose to spend their time with me and DEFINE.

  • In my class, you could expect… to be surprised, in the best way possible 🙂
  • My biggest advice to a DEFINE newcomer is… get excited and ready to work!
  • My favorite move is… this changes, but right now, upper body curls with inner thigh squeezes — not sure it has a catchy name yet 🙂
  • The song that gets me most pumped up in class is… I have to choose just one?! SO hard. Right now there is a Bittersweet Symphony Remix that I have on repeat.
  • My favorite work out attire includes… I love DYI’s tights, so supportive in the best way. Lulu’s tops are my favs for their moisture wicking effectiveness. Super important in the Houston heat and when teaching several classes back-to-back.
  • My favorite healthy meal is… Avocado toast is a standard go to. But this summer I made a classic gazpacho and I’m pretty much obsessed.
  • I get my inspiration from… Everywhere! Podcasts, blogs, other instructors, other classes, new music, new books, etc.. There are so many ways to be presented a new perspective on something. I love it!
  • My favorite physical activity outside of DEFINE is… Dancing! In a class or in my living room with my 18 mo old. Putting on music and just moving freely around is such a great release!
  • My morning ritual includes… Snuggles with my son. He keeps me grounded and always makes me smile.
  • Something not many people would know about me is… I was a DJ in college for a hot minute at for KLSU, LSU’s college station–geaux Tigers! I mainly did it for the free tickets to shows, but it exposed me to lots of artists I wouldn’t know about otherwise and I loved it for that.
  • My perfect day off is spent… With my family, walking to the coffee shop or the park, and just enjoying the little things.
  • Before bed, I always like to… Wash my face/go through my skin care ritual and spend some time unwinding, either with a sitcom, a book, or the NYT crossword.

About Ashley:

Ashley is a Houston transplant from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up, she was never a sporty girl, but she liked to dance. During college, she picked up belly dance, which she turned into a temporary career, performing in venues throughout Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans. Receiving a Level 1 certification from YOGASTEPSTM in 2007 she taught yoga and belly dance at Bayou Shimmy Dance Studio in Baton Rouge, LA, and eventually at Nia Moves and 24hour fitness in Houston, Texas. During this time, Ashley first discovered her passion for teaching movement; she loved talking about movement, watching movement, and thinking about how movement is created. In 2008, she received a B.A. in Philosophy after graduating from Louisiana State University Summa Cum Laude. In 2009, she moved to Houston, and in 2010 she received her Group Fitness Instructor Certification from the American Council on Exercise and joined the team at DEFINE. She found her favorite aspects of dance, yoga, health, and wellness all rolled into one phenomenal technique. Her favorite part about being an instructor at DEFINE is inspiring self-awareness in others and helping them to find their own sense of strength, length, and balance in their lives.