I love DEFINE because…

DEFINE is my home away from home, and our team of instructors, staff and clients are my family when I’m away from my family. DEFINE is my community, my support, my strength, my inspiration, AND my happy place. DEFINE is where I found a part of myself that I thought I had lost forever, and where I also found a part of myself I never knew existed. Spend some time around any DEFINE studio in cities all over the world, and you will hear that echoed. This place is pretty darn special!

  • In my class, you could expect… To sweat! Class will be balanced, challenging and fun…but there will be lots of sweat!
  • My biggest advice to a DEFINE newcomer is… Don’t be a stranger! Let us get to know you. Introduce yourself to your instructor before or after class, say hi to the person on the mat/bike/trampoline/hammock next to you, and chat with the smiling face at the front desk. One of the best parts of DEFINE is our awesome community. We are all in this together, and we support and encourage each other both inside and outside of the studio.
  • My favorite move is… In body: it’s waterski… so hard, but so good! In DEFINE REVOLUTION: push-ups right when a big beat drops (with some dramatic lights for added effect!). In DEFINE BOUNCE: jog!
  • The song that gets me most pumped up in class is… It’s so hard to list just one…but I’d have to say DJ Kool “Let Me Clear my Throat” (Party Favor Remix) is one of my all-time favorites. The whole class goes NUTS and it’s so fun!
  • My favorite work out attire includes… Lululemon Wunder Under pants in Luxtreme. LOVE!!!
  • My favorite healthy meal is… A salad with grilled chicken…I have this for lunch almost every day.
  • I get my inspiration from… My people!—my husband and kids, as well as my DEFINE family! When I’m in need of some inspiration, I turn to those around me for a quick boost. A fun day with the family, teaching our amazing clients, or hopping in to take a class from one of our awesome DEFINE instructors is all I need to put a little pep in my step!
  • My favorite physical activity outside of DEFINE is… Walking outside on a pretty day accompanied by a special friend or loved one.
  • My morning ritual includes… Are you ready for this? 4am wake up, 4:24am (every single time!) enter my kitchen for my coffee that is waiting for me (thank goodness for pre-set coffee makers!), drink coffee and a bottle of water while I check emails and make my playlist for class, 5am leave for the studio (and jam out to my playlist in the car to make sure it’s perfect), Teach my 5:30am class, 6:15am take our 3 breaths with my early morning clients to set the tone for the day before heading home to get the kids ready for school. Breakfast, more coffee, school drop off, then back to the studio for more classes! All of this happens before 8am. 😉
  • Something not many people would know about me is… I’m fairly shy and quiet but something happens when I put that mic on!
  • My perfect day off is spent: At home with my husband and kids laughing and smiling a lot!
  • Before bed, I always like to… Pre-set my coffee maker for 4am, tuck my kids in bed, kiss my husband goodnight, and say a prayer of thanks for another healthy, happy day. 🙂

About Alison:

Alison was born in New York, and currently resides in Houston with her husband and two children. Physical activity and fitness have always been an important part of her life. Whether she was performing on her high school’s dance team, or relieving college stress as a long-distance runner, Alison found that she felt her personal best when active. However, discovering a rare bone disorder in her ankle left her with no other option but surgery, and she found she would need to think outside the box in order to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In 2009, she stumbled upon DEFINE after trying several other low impact fitness options. As soon as the uplifting music started, and the instructor began class, she knew DEFINE was what she was looking for. DEFINE provides a safe, but extremely effective method for Alison, and has allowed her to feel her personal best, both inside and out. On her fourth DEFINE anniversary, Alison proudly became a certified DEFINE instructor, and looks forward to helping others on their journey to achieving their personal best.