Our clients are the reason that we are here. They motivate us, inspire us, they are our everything. We are so grateful to be a part of such an incredible community. One that welcomes each and every person. One that is fun, inspiring and life changing. One that truly produces long lasting results. Our clients are our reason for being here, and also the proof that what we do changes their lives.


DEFINE instructors


We recently heard from several of our clients, and couldn’t wait to share the news with you!

“I have never in my life been in this good of shape. As someone that’s played sports and been active my entire life, that’s saying something. I have also never consistently enjoyed a workout program before joining define. Every class is fun, every instructor is passionate, and everyone there builds each other up. I started to train for a half marathon recently, and honestly it was a breeze to start doing my long runs because of going to rev twice a week.” – DEFINE: the Heights client

“I had a back injury in 2011, now suffer from a condition called Spondylolisthesis and after years of seeing a chiropractor I was told I need to see a neurologist whom then told me I needed to have surgery. After trying all options, my last resort before surgery was to see a physical therapist and around the same time I started taking classes at Define. After a few weeks, I realized I was basically doing the same in PT as I was in the Body classes so I stopped the physical therapy and never looked back. Define has helped me strengthen my back and ab muscles and overall total body and have provided me with the tools that I need to stay out from under the knife. I tell everyone Define has changed me in every way, shape and form. The instructors push you to become the best version of yourself and are always there to help guide you. Scared and nervous is good! The hardest part is showing up, if you can at least show up, the instructors will take care of you from there.” – DEFINE: Tanglewood client

“As a long time runner, I have struggled for years with IT band and hip flexor issues – so bad that it has caused pretty extensive stress fractures in my legs and forced me onto crutches. Since starting to balance my mileage with body and spin classes at DEFINE, I have had ZERO issues with injury. In fact – I just completed the Houston full marathon in February, and actually enjoyed the training with no pain. I can not even describe what relief it is to be able to run without feeling like I have to have the physical therapist on speed dial. Go at your own speed. Unlike so many other spin and barre studios, DEFINE classes are rooms without judgment, and push you to your own individual best.” – DEFINE: River Oaks Client


We can’t wait to hear your story. Send us an email at define@definebody.com to share your story!


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