bouncing Into A Better You!

“Have you tried DEFINE BOUNCE yet?” I asked a client/friend this week. Her eyes squinted slightly, one eyebrow lifted. Her face expressed fear and uncertainty. But it also registered the slightest look of possibility. I took that as my chance to launch into all of the benefits of our newest method of fitness launched last spring, DEFINE BOUNCE, except I could only recall the basics—which were good enough to peak her interest.  We arranged to meet at one of our upcoming classes, and I promised her I would make it the most fun experience she could possibly have on a small trampoline.

Slightly embarrassed that my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders that day, I headed home to re-learn the exact known benefits of what this type of exercise does for the body. I brushed up on what Henry, DEFINE Founder/Fitness Extraordinaire/my boss, taught me and all DEFINE Instructors.

I then did a little digging of my own and I must say, the results were ASTOUNDING!

Many exercise physiologists refer to this exercise method as “rebounding” and it has made its way into the fitness industry because of the known health and medical benefits- as well as the noted aesthetic perks. But many are not jumping just for fitness but to help strengthen themselves for daily life. You never go much higher than six inches off the mat, but it still is lots of fun, and the best bit is that, because of the bounce, it’s very low impact, hence why it is brilliant for all ages and allows for high-intensity workouts at a reduced injury risk.

Here is what can happen inside the body when you bounce on a mini-trampoline*:

  • Strengthens the heart to provide a more efficient musculoskeletal system
  • Protects the joints from impact otherwise experienced in other forms of high cardio workouts
  • Improves muscle to fat ratio
  • Benefits the body’s immune system
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system which circulates, then eliminates antigens
  • Circulates more oxygen to tissues
  • Increases capacity for respiration
  • Assists in the rehab of existing heart problems and recovery from heart related procedures
  • Improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned after the exercise
  • Causes core muscles and large muscles to contract resulting in greater muscular and core strength
  • Lowers circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Upholds the alkaline reserves of the body
  • Improves hand/eye coordination
  • Relieves neck and back pain
  • Helps improve posture and alignment, as well as balance
  • Enhances digestion
  • Provides for better sleep
  • Enhances mental performance
  • Curtails menstrual discomfort
  • Slows down muscular atrophy from aging
  • Enhances pelvic floor muscular strength

And if that isn’t enough—it is just plain fun!!! Endorphins are released in the brain causing you to feel good-Improving one’s mood for hours post exercise.

DEFINE BOUNCE goes even further by enhancing the benefits stated above. We use many strengthening movements, which further enhance metabolism and fitness performance.

bouncing Into A Better You! 2

So now that you have read all of the benefits, is something still holding you back? In an effort to address any other concerns that you might have, I have addressed the following hesitations…

I hear you have to move your feet to a certain tempo? 

Just like all of our methods at DEFINE, DEFINE BOUNCE moves to a rhythmic beat. But this does not mean you have to move at exactly the same beat as your neighbor. We aren’t exactly back up dancers for Beyonce, so who really cares?! I would suggest finding a trampoline on the back row, and do the best you can. A majority of clients are giving it their best shot and are not perfectly on tempo. Front row jumpers are usually stellar in physical strength and musically inclined. Leave those spots to the pros and after you gain the confidence you need, we will see you up front!

bouncing Into A Better You! 1

I’m scared I might fall off the trampoline. Is that likely?  

Not likely. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen- but not likely. You have the option of lifting your knees as high as you want—or simply walking in place until you get the hang of it.

I fear I will look ridiculous.

Let’s be honest, we all look a little silly- but when it’s a group doing it together, who cares!? Also- no one is really looking at you. Each is focused on keeping his or her feet in the center of the trampoline as not to (see above) fall off the trampoline.

(Women) I’m scared I might pee a little or a lot.

Ok, this is a valid concern, especially if you have given birth. My recommendation is that you empty your bladder before class, and maybe wear a pad (I know—less than ideal), but there is a chance absolutely nothing happens and greater chances your pelvic floor muscles will gain strength. You do want to sneeze again without fear of fallout?

(Men) I hear it’s mostly women in the classes.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the US. There are plenty of men in our classes. Are you going to let a minor detail get in the way when it comes to improving your health and possibly saving your life?  DEFINE was created and is operated by a man. My husband takes the body class on his lunch break. One adored client, a man in his 60’s, won a contest at his office to see who could hold the longest plank! Men thrive here and this month you can bring your guys (boyfriend, husband, father, brother, or just your buddy) for FREE!

Discovering all of these positives is helping me make my Christmas list. In fact, I really think I am going to get a mini trampoline for my parents who live hours away and do not have access to a DEFINE BOUNCE class. I can already see the look on their faces as they unwrap the gift. What the….?

Looking forward to seeing you in my class soon!

*Sources Cited: Dr. Morton Walker and Albert E. Carter, The Ultimate Exercise for the New Millennium; Centers for Disease Control; American Heart Association.

Jennifer Harkins Head of Instructor Training for rev WU, RO, TW

“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.”