It’s day two of 2013.  How many of you have already made a New Year’s resolution? For some of you, the idea of losing pounds may have been on your mind all the way through the holidays, preparing for the resolution with one last cookie or piece of pie.  For others, taking that first step towards achieving optimal health and wellbeing may have been on your mind for years. DEFINE is a great way to start or optimize your physical, mental and total overall health.

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Lori Hudson.  Some of you may know me already, I have been with DEFINE since the beginning. My training at DEFINE started before the first coat of paint ever went on the walls at the Tanglewood location, more than 3 years ago. My background – I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years; earned my doctorate in chiropractic; which was followed by a degree in nursing. My love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology in the human body drives me to continue to share my experiences and knowledge with those around me!

So for the next several weeks, we will be here paving our way to achieving our health goals together!

Most envision the new year bringing new beginnings, hopes, dreams and lifestyle changes! Whether it is a small difference or a huge commitment, it’s human nature to start out strong and then fizzle out as time goes on. So how do we balance the excitement of a new challenge with maintaining the physical and mental stamina to achieve the results desired?

This week will focus on a few key points to starting and achieving that New Year’s resolution.

DEFINE is here to help motivate you into achieving your fitness goals and overall total wellbeing. Some things to keep in mind while we start this journey together:

1). Start with setting a new years resolution that is realistic and attainable. (Studies show that there is a only a twelve percent success rate when it comes to completing a resolution.)

2.) Aim on taking class about 3-5 times a week. By the end of week two the body begins to feel stronger, flexibility is improving, and energy levels are rising.

3.) These changes aren’t just limited to the physical; both mental clarity and mood have been shown to improve with regular exercise as well.

Pace yourself:

Alternate DEFINE body classes with mind and or rev classes. (More on balancing these classes in next week’s blog)

Being ambitious is a great attribute but your rest days are just as important as your workout days.

The benefits of DEFINE:

Each class is a perfect balance between strengthening, lengthening and stabilizing the body in order to build longer leaner muscles. We utilize lightweights and body weight to provide resistance and endurance within the muscles and joints.

 Targeting major muscle groups within the body – together the DEFINE classes provide an optimal environment towards achieving sustainable health for both the body and mind.

Stay tuned in this month!  Next week I will be addressing any muscle soreness you may be experiencing. We will also be covering the importance of balancing your workouts with DEFINE body, mind and rev classes in order to keep you on track towards achieving your optimal health and wellbeing goals!