DEFINE Family,

Exactly 6 years ago today, the very first DEFINE, DEFINE: Tanglewood, was under construction. This project was, at that point in my life, the biggest financial decision I had ever made. Filled with emotion, I decided our first studio should be in Tanglewood because my parents lived in that area.  I thought at least my mom would be a client.  However, my plan was busted.  My mom only took three classes in her first year…but I knew her support was always present with me. Now that we are entering our 6th year, I’m proud to say, she has recently jumped back on the DEFINE train-Go Mom!

Six years later we have now opened 11 studios and are adding to our family with three more currently under construction and coming soon: Atlanta, Denver, and a second in Austin. Our mission statement remains the exact same as it was the day we opened our first studio:

Our mission at DEFINE is to educate clients on how to become their absolute best. 

We believe that strength, length, and balance play an essential part of discovering your personal best. Each person has his or her own unique “recipe” for balance, and we want to be a part of helping you discover yours. Balance is the key to long-term and lasting health. It just so happens our classes at DEFINE also produce amazingly gratifying results along the way.

franchise-bannerWe believe in creating an atmosphere that inspires clients to push themselves while listening and taking care of their bodies and minds. I often tell clients to “listen to your body, not your brain. Your body is always going to be right.” The truth is, we can’t say that about our brains. Because we often get lost in the overload of information our brain is processing, listening to your body is an essential skill that takes quite a bit of honing.

As someone who still sees myself as a client vs. the CEO of DEFINE, I have found that each year I develop an even stronger commitment to educating myself on the body and mind. With our continued company growth, we stay very busy. Taking care of my own wellness and doing my best to practice what I preach, I have developed a stronger commitment towards my own personal development.

Life SquareWith the recent launch of our DEFINE life program, as well as our new DEFINE meditation class coming this fall, I take the message of “educating clients to be their absolute best” as a personal mission. In doing that, I have learned that I must take a moment each day to ask if I am on the right path. And then, I just try to listen. Sometimes I find myself listening at the end of a body or mind class during savasana. Other times, I am so in the zone during a rev class that the message is loud and clear. I ask you to take a moment each day, and reflect whether you are on a path to becoming your personal best.

As our DEFINE family grows, our goal is to stay true to our mission. This summer, I ask that all of us at DEFINE (instructors, staff, AND clients) be a part of the process to becoming our best. If you are at the studio taking class, I encourage you to recognize when someone else is inspiring you. When you support the growth of others, life in turn will support you in wondrous ways.

We thank you, amazing clients, for being a part of our family and helping us grow our mission.

Happy July!

Henry Richardson