The group fitness stereotype series continues… Here’s a list of 14 classmates you’ll run into in a Lotte Berk / barre class. While you’re up-an-inch, down-an-inch-ing, look around – you may see some of these folks! Which one are you? (I’ve been many of them…)

arre lotte berk stereotypes shaking legs memes

1. The student who’s shaking-like-a-polaroid-picture (above).

Once it starts, it’s not stopping. We have ALL been this one at some point. “If it’s shaking, it’s WORKING!”

2. The pregnant chick. 

Not just any pregnant chick. This woman appears to be in her 8th month, carrying quadruplets, and yet every part of her body other than her midsection is more toned than yours. AND – carrying what appears to be 50 extra pounds of baby, she is STILL pulsing lower than you.

If I said my prayers every night, one of them would definitely be “to look like hot pregnant barre class lady when I get knocked up.”

barre stereotypes mems rateyourburn pregnant lady

3. The spot stealer.

Liam Neeson has something to say about this, too (click here).

barre spot stealer etiquette thief lotte berk rate

4. The unintentional-spot-stealer newbie who is blissfully unaware of wrath that will soon be inflicted upon her.

Good lord. She is about to get stabbed with the stare of death.

unintentional newbie spot stealer barre lotte berk

5. The woman who seems extremely disgusted… at her own reflection.

She is focusing intensely on herself, with a look of ultimate disdain. I imagine her inner monologue to be something like this: “REALLY, ASSHOLE? You REALLY think you can’t pulse lower than this?” This woman is also often C-level at a fortune 500 company. Or will be in the near future.

angry at reflection barre lotte berk stereotypes m

6. The newbie. 

Under 5 classes anyone? White tube socks are basically the Lotte Berk “Cone of Shame”.

under 5 classer lotte berk barre stereotypes

7. The oh-shit-I-packed-socks-from-the-wrong-studio-and-the-teacher-is-gonna-hate-me student.

Yup. I’ve been her many times. Teachers: don’t give me the stink eye! It was a mistake!

Person wearing traitor socks barre lotte berk ster

8. The looking-up-to-heaven-for-help water-skier.

“Please, baby Jesus/Allah/Buddha/Scientology Aliens, let me get through this set of thighs.”

give me strength god lord rateyourburn barre lotte

9. The overzealous hip thruster.

It’s me, I admit it. I love to thrust. This song comes to mind.

aggressive hip thruster stereotypes memes barre lo

10. The brave man.

This is a woman’s world/ But it wouldn’t be nothing/ Nothing without a man or a boy… isn’t that how the song goes? …But let’s be honest, this man is a genius.

brave man barre lotte berk stereotypes memes ratey

11. “She’s frosted”

This woman’s ring is so large that she probably only requires one hand weight for the arms section.

huge rock lady diamond barre stereotypes lotte ber

12. The woman who is under the impression that her Lulus are opaque.

Until she goes into “chair”… crack city!

girl with see-thru spandex stereotypes lotte berk

13. The “before” picture.

She’s a few (or more than a few) pounds overweight. This is my favorite barre classmate, because seriously, this class is so much harder for her than it is for us… MAJOR respect. I’m inspired by her, and wish I could say so without offending (I’ve concluded that there is no way to do this, so I just give a creepy smile and go on my way). I hope she keeps coming back!

the before picture overweight lady lotte berk barr

14. The “after” picture. 

Comes in all shapes and sizes – success means something different to everyone. Barre class has been a “gateway drug” to fitness for so many women I know. AMEN.

the after picture lotte berk barre stereotypes mem

Which one are you? Did I miss any? Comment below!

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