This week we are featuring Richard Dale for a job well done! He challenged himself to do 100 DEFINE classes in 100 days. He gained this and more! Hear his story and join us in celebrating his accomplished goals!


How did you first hear about DEFINE?

I  heard about DEFINE from my eldest daughter, who is a long time client. I didn’t look into it until my club, West Lake, closed down at the end of July, 2012. She asked me to try DEFINE West University on a Sunday with Kasey Buchtien. I was astounded how difficult the class was, but I also could already tell it was the best all around workout I had ever done. I had been on a two-year weight loss of about fifty pounds, however I felt like my core needed extra attention. I had also been suffering from leg issues due to the sedentary nature of my job.

When you first started, did you feel awkward working out with mostly females?

I had already broken that fear (or awkwardness) prior. I had never been in a exercise class before, however on a whim,previous to DEFINE, I tried one at West Lake, and to be honest, it was awkward at first. After visiting West University, I told my daughter this really would be something I would like to look into. When I got on my computer that night, I noticed the Energy Corridor location was close to my office, and when I saw there was a 6:00 am class I was so excited! I arrived at Energy Corridor that morning before 6 am, and that is when I met Montse. She was so nice and energetic towards me, so tried a month package to see if this exercise would really help me. Montse has been the instructor I have had the most during my two hundred classes since August. My normal routine at Energy Corridor was Monday and Wednesday’s at 6 am, and usually Monday and Friday’s during lunch. I found out the more I went, the more I enjoyed it, and my body felt like it actually had more energy. The various joint and nerve pain I was having went away; also, the more I went, the more I could tell my body was changing, and my clothes were getting looser as I lost over two inches in my waist and fifteen pounds.

What would you tell the guys who feel that this is not for them, or simply do not want to come in because it is a female based studio?

I would tell a guy to try it for a week, and see how good you feel. I really never have felt awkward in any of the classes; however, I do try to make a point to find a spot somewhat on the edge mostly because I have never been flexible, and I am sure my technique has room for improvement. I notice all of the instructors are so encouraging and give all of the clients positive feedback by calling out our names and saying something nice about our technique. I have had many co workers, including men ask me what I have been doing as they have noticed the change in my body, and I always without hesitation mention DEFINE with rave reviews. When I see a guy make his first class, I try to tell them in advance to not to start off with a ten pound weight as it is a little embarrassing when the instructor comes over with a lighter weight after all the repetition and the fatigue sets in!

Where did the original goal of 100 classes in 100 days come from?

Well, the first 100 classes in a 100 days was mostly luck due to the fact that I kept coming because DEFINE made me feel great, I was noticing the fact that I was losing inches, I was obtaining muscles for the first time in my life, and was losing the rest of the weight that I was trying to lose. As Montse knows, I am accountant therefore I love numbers, the day I asked how many classes have I taken, and Montse replied seventy-five, I started to look at the calendar, and realized if I pushed myself, I could actually take one hundred classes in one hundred days. When I did completed my goal, Montse and Julie really made my accomplishment exciting by celebrating at DEFINE. I jokingly spoke of attempting to take two hundred classes in two hundred days, and they both thought I should do it! So the first one hundred classes was luck, but the next hundred were the result of setting a goal. Setting the goal was motivating in itself and I finished the second hundred classes in eighty days!

With work, family, etc, how do you find time to make it to so many classes?

I have found that DEFINE has a client friendly web site, and having so many locations really helped. I realized that I am able to take most of the classes around my workday, so I was aware that there were three mornings I would go before work, and now I try to make the three lunch classes. On the weekends I do Saturday mornings, and a Sunday class before church as well. Another tip I did was to keep every location schedule in my car, so there have been times I would take a daughter to the airport or to Reliant Stadium, and then I would swing by West University on the way home.

100th Class in 2013

What have been the hardest factors keeping you back from not reaching your goal?

I have been blessed by being healthy during this period, but I did tease with friends and co-workers as I would tell them I am trying to make two hundred classes in two hundred days, but you never know how things will be in the future. I am an avid racquetball and tennis player, and two of my regular racquetball players have had injuries during this period and have been out of commission for two months, so that is one of the reasons I was really try to get the classes in before my two hundredth day. I laughed with more appreciation of pro athletes who are on various streaks of performance, as you never know what tomorrow will bring.

How has DEFINE helped you? What kept you coming back for more?

DEFINE has made my body feel better than I can ever remember. I am almost sixty years old, and I honestly believe I am in the best shape in my life. I will definitely continue to come to DEFINE and will continue informing as many people I know about the DEFINE method. Whether I continue at this pace or not is not important, but I do plan to continue DEFINE as an important part of my exercising routine as it is something I really enjoy. The instructors are extremely nice, and how else can you listen to cool music and with a great exercise method at my age!

What would you respond to people who say you are crazy for taking so many classes in such a short period of time? What have the benefits been? 

Well, those that have seen me the last few years have seen the major difference in my body, and they realize that DEFINE has made that difference. I also believe my racquet sports have improved not only am I stronger, so I can hit shots harder, but I am also more flexible and my speed has increased, which helps me to get to more balls. Also DEFINE helps me from having potential nagging injuries. In theory I am thinking DEFINE will also help my golf game by giving me additional flexibility and strength in my back that will help my swing. Lastly, I feel that the DEFINE routine has kept me sharp at work, and I notice my sleep has improved too!