Keeping you healthy and feeling your best through the holidays! We all enjoy the excitement of a fresh NEW YEAR, but nobody likes to start over when they have worked so hard to achieve their fitness goals. Here are a few tip previews from our upcoming “Healthy Through The Holidays” Workshop with Erin Stewart and Ashley Barber,  to help you keep on track during and after the holiday season!

Something is always better than nothing!  Even if you only have 10 minutes a day to devote to working out, there are lots of effective ways to keep the muscle tone and strength you’ve worked so hard to gain. That way you aren’t starting at square one when you return from the holidays. Come take DEFINE’s Healthy Through The Holidays Workshop to find out how to make the most of what time you’ll have for working out and be prepared to sweat! – Ashley Barber

Eat This, Not That.  Keep your plate mostly veggies and savor your favorite indulgent items with just a few bites. Better yet, take matters into your own hands by offering to bring your favorite healthy dish! Consider roasted butternut squash instead of mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie over cookies and cakes. Learn other tips and recipes at our first DEFINE foods workshop in the kitchen with in house chef Erin O’Leary Stewart.

Healthy through the Holidays Workshop

Holidays can be tough on the health routine. Join Erin Stewart and Ashley Barber for tips to stay on track throughout the holiday season. Get travel tips to tone up and learn exercises you can do on-the-go during the first half of the workshop with Ashley. Then join Erin, DEFINE’s in-house natural foods chef, in the kitchen for a cooking demo and lecture on choosing wisely at holiday meals. Get healthy holiday recipes you can incorporate into your own menu! Erin and Ashley are here to help you keep the body fit no matter your holiday plans, so you can jump right back into your routine come the New Year! There will be a workout, tastings, and exclusive recipes to take with you, so come prepared to move and nibble!

Saturday,December 15 from 12:00-1:30

$45 per person

DEFINE west university, Click HERE to register

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