Beets_bowl_WEBVEGGIES! What vegetable did you despise growing up, but  you found a way to prepare to your liking?  We asked our DEFINE team to share with us a few veggie tales! Enjoy!

I love mashed potatoes but try to stay away from starchy vegetables, so I make cauliflower mash. Same texture and tastes good! Here’s a recipe I’ve used before. I also replace the butter with coconut spread to be dairy free.” – DEFINE Experience Expert, Jennifer Dao

“A fun way to prepare it is to pan sauté with oil, salt, pepper, then toss with honey, lime juice, Siracha sauce.  Gives a nice sweet and sour kick to it! ” –  DEFINE Instructor, Daisy Hui

“My mom always made broccoli with cheese and I was never a big fan (I am pretty certain she was trying to trick us into eating our veggies.) I recently started steaming broccoli with a splash of soy sauce, sea salt and a dash of red pepper flakes! It’s so yummy I could eat it as a meal!” – DEFINE instructor and The Woodlands Co-Owner, Megan Hayes

“Brussels sprouts, beets and sweet potatoes I did not like as a child and now they excite me when I see them on the menu. I would try and try again…finally I guess it was all about presentation.” – DEFINE Experience Expert Tanya Teske


THE NEXT DEFINE foods workshop with In-House Natural Foods Chef, Erin Stewart is Saturday, April 20th!

Farmers workshop

Refresh Your Table: Spring Farmer’s Market Tour with Erin

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Meet at Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market at 10:00 am, then back to DEFINE foods kitchen( DEFINE west university)

Breath new life into your daily meals by incorporating the freshest food the Spring season has to offer. DEFINE foods chef Erin Stewart will take you on a tour of the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market to show you some of her seasonal favorites from local Houston farmers. Afterwards, meet up in the kitchen for recipes on how to incorporate these delicious ingredients into your weekday meals.

Cost: $45 Register Here