DEFINE is thrilled to announce the launch of The Laundress online & in studios!

We are completely loving the brands sport products as a safe & non-toxic way to effectively clean our activewear and keep us smelling fresh through any tough workout. The Laundress Sport Detergent is formulated to remove bacteria in high-tech clothing made with moisture wicking, breathable, insulated and water repellent fabrics. It may be used on cotton, nylon, spandex and more. This detergent smells so good it actually takes the chore out of doing laundry. You won’t want to go back to regular detergent ever again!!

The Laundress Sport Spray is a perfect compliment to the detergent by allowing for a quick refresh when needed throughout the day. We like to spray it straight on our clothes after a DEFINE class, in our rev shoes, or on our mats for the best smelling non-toxic & anti-bacterical spray you’ve ever tried!!

Shop The Laundress NOW & see why we love it so much!