We want to know…What stretch do you CRAVE?  We are all built differently and have different stretches that our bodies just need or crave everyday, and while the splits might not be your thing, you could love a good pigeon pose.

Share with us a snapshot of the stretch you crave for a chance to win a spot in one of our great October workshops!  Friday afternoon, we will choose the winner at random  from all the submissions we receive.  And we can’t wait for you to share yours!

Here are some of our instructors’ fav stretching craves:

Hank’s crave is a side angle stretch.
“One of my favorite stretches combines stretching the lower body, middle body, and upper body. This side angle stretch is great for releasing tightness in the lower back, by opening hamstrings, hips, as well as all the paraspinal muscles. This simple stretch is highly effective when you hold for 3 – 6 deep breaths! Make sure to do both sides, and notice how amazing the whole body feels!”

G’s favorite stretch is butterfly.
“Butterfly is my favorite stretch because it’s one of the easiest ways to stretch your adductor muscles (inner thigh), groin, glutes and it helps with lower back pain. You can do it anywhere and it’s also a great stretch to do with a partner and easy to transition into other stretches like straddle and pike stretches.”

Erin’s fav is a lunge with quad stretch.
“Its a double-whammy stretch! Releases tension in hips and lengthens hamstrings and quads. Makes me feel ultra balanced.”

Ashley’s crave is pigeon.
“It opens the hips and the legs and feels divine! I could sleep there!”

Kirby’s favorite – double pigeon stretch.
“It opens up my hips and feels really good in my back, chest and hips. It’s the best!”

Be sure to comment and share your favorite stretch for a chance to attend a workshop at DEFINE for free!