What is that one song that gets you pumped up to workout or start your day? We are highlighting community the entire month of March, so we caught up with our DEFINE team to see what tracks they pull out to move and motivate them! Here are the team favorites!

“Firework” by Katy Perry

“It’s uplifting! This song has a memorable beat and gets people moving- whether on a dance floor or bouncing along to the radio in your car. Dramatic lip syncing is probably just was Miss Katy Perry pictured for fans of this song!” –DEFINE instructor, Elizabeth Suffield

“Pursuit of happiness” by Kid Cudi extended Steve aoki remix

This song has been a long time favorite of mine! I love how it starts out slow and steady and then builds up.  It gives me a surge of energy every time I hear it, wether I’m in the car, out with friends, or in a DEFINE revolution class. I especially love it for a long finish line in Rev! –DEFINE instructor, Hannah Ehl

Any Dub-step!

“I should say Electronic/dubstep like Bassnectar, Avicii or skrillex motivate me because they’re very beat heavy and not very lyrical. You can feel the beat building and with it my endurance rises. When the beat drops and the instruments go out of control, I get a power surge of energy!” –DEFINE instructor Coco Issa –

“How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox 20

This song is uplifting and has a very fast beat. I always use it toward the end of a run if I need inspiration. Even though the song is about the end of the world, it is also questioning the human race and what we have accomplished at the end of it all. The song pushes me to find out about what I am made of at that particular moment…usually pushing me over that last threshold I am trying to conquer! –DEFINE instructor – Jennifer Harkin

“The Lucky Ones” (tyDi Remix) by Kerli

“The reason I love this song is because I feel something great is coming our way despite what is going on right now. Having said that, I don’t really believe in luck I think it’s how you handle all that life presents you.” – DEFINE instructor, Jane McCullough

“Living in the Hall of Fame” by The Script

“This song reminds me of my future, and how I will relate to this time of my life as well as the next few years.”- DEFINE experience expert, Anthony DeGraff

“I Could Be The One” by Avicii and Nicky Romero

“It’s got a good steady beat that makes me want to get up and dance, really pretty vocals and an overall feeling that lifts my spirits. Plus the music video for it is awesome–it inspires me to cease the moment and just enjoy life.” – DEFINE instructor Ashley Barber

“I Love It” – by Icona Pop

“I love songs with a beat you can lose yourself in, like this one!”DEFINE instructor Rachel Boyd