What makes DEFINE body&mind's classes special?

by Henry Richardson

As founder of DEFINE, I am obviously biased when I say DEFINE body and DEFINE mind are the two best classes I have ever taken!  However, as someone who just a few years ago was looking for a place that offered a class that was challenging, intelligent (form and alignment), balanced (meaning full body), less costly than personal training, fun, and in an environment that was pleasant, finding all that for one class seemed like a challenge.

From my many years as a springboard and platform diver, I had several lower back injuries that still cause me pain if I stop stretching and exercising.  My personal situation with my lower back requires me to find my own balance of core strengthening combined with stretching on a daily basis.  So, opening DEFINE was definitely self-serving (even if no one came to the studio, at least I would be getting my back healthy again:), but I also knew that DEFINE body and DEFINE mind would be very powerful classes that people would fall in love with, just as I did.

So what makes the classes so special?
1) Effective: The results within the first few classes will speak for themselves  You will stand taller, feel a refreshed energy, see your arms, legs, glutes, and abdominals looking firmer and leaner.
2) Efficient:  We organize each class to maximize your time.  We know your time is precious, so instead of just working harder and faster, we have time managed the classes to help you work smarter.  In our DEFINE body class, we target all the major muscle groups and work them to a point of fatigue and then immediately stretch them out to produce amazing results.  Our DEFINE mind class uses anatomical alignment and massage techniques with a ball so you can proactively lengthen and “iron out” any stress or tightness in your muscles.  You will experience a deep tissue massage at a group class rate (and you don’t even have to tip us !!!)
3) Fun:  With the great music, the personal focus each instructor gives, and the attention to form and positioning, you will have a great time in class.
4) Balanced:  Each class is designed to help keep your body and mind in balance.  And even better, coming to DEFINE allows you to design your own recipe for “balance”.  Whether you want an incredibly challenging and strengthening class like DEFINE body, or maybe you are wanting to spend more time lengthening and working from the inside out with DEFINE mind, you can design a program that is right for you!