In August, we asked clients how DEFINE has changed them in our Summer Success Giveaway.  By telling us their story, the participants were entered into a drawing to win a private body or revolution event. Our DEFINE inbox was full of empowering tales of finding physical strength, achieving personal goals, mental clarity, losing inches, and more!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway. We are honored to be a part of your journey!

These are the inspiring words of our drawing winners.

DEFINE: Houston, Jennifer McCormick 

FMF_5086“I lost 20 lbs. I changed about 3 clothes-sizes.  I gave away/donated all of the clothes that no longer fit and said, I’m not going back. THIS is the new me. I love being a wife, a mom of three, running a busy household and being involved in their lives, but I didn’t have something for me. I didn’t have a passion. DEFINE started as a place to exercise. It turned out to be my home away from home….I would have never imagined that I’d find a whole new family while working out.  I found friends that I look forward to seeing and will hold me accountable.  Now, I make working out my priority. I shift meetings. I schedule babysitters. It keeps me sane – it is MY time!”


DEFINE: Sugar Land, Erin Creeks 

In 2008 I did an amateur bodybuilding competition. After a year of training my mind and body were totally depleted. I stopped working out all together and developed an unhealthy relationship with food. Years later I still felt displaced, never really getting back into a consistent fitness routine and not finding any programs that I thoroughly enjoyed.

While working at lululemon, I was encouraged to attend local fitness studios, which is how I came to know DEFINE in Sugar Land. I took a DEFINE rev class with Elizabeth and felt something I had been missing for a long time. I felt that trance like state of euphoria and exhaustion where the mind and body spar, releasing untapped strength. I hadn’t felt that rush in so long, and couldn’t wait to do it again. DEFINE has helped awaken the healthful mindset I had 6 years ago pre-competition, where healthy eating and active lifestyle are a joy, and not a chore.

DEFINE: The Woodlands, Nicole Graham 

NicoleMy summer success story revolves around my two girls (ages 6 and 8).  During this summer, we all went to DEFINE.  My girls attended DEFINE kids workshops…As a mother of two young girls, I am striving to raise them to be, among other things, confident and strong and to have a healthy body image. Our summer experience at DEFINE in The Woodlands has definitely helped me to further these goals. Children learn by example, and seeing me devote time to exercise and a healthy lifestyle will instill these same values in them.  They always want to know what I did in class, and we frequently practice many DEFINE “moves” at home. Further, while at DEFINE, I appreciate that my girls get to observe the strength and confidence that DEFINE clients exude and see that healthy women come in all shapes and sizes.

DEFINE: Oakley, Andrea Torbeck 

AndreaTorbeckI started taking body, rev & mind classes at DEFINE: Oakley the day they opened…Since my first class I have noticed a complete change in muscle definition in my arms, chest, back and legs. I have found muscles I never knew I had! Prior to coming to DEFINE I had never taken a spin class and could barely keep up in rev. AndreaTorbeck 2Now, when the routine calls for it, I can complete not just one but two rhythm jogs in one class! More than all the physical changes, I am learning to mentally push myself and set new goals in every class. I cannot imagine life without DEFINE: Oakley. Thanks for pushing me every time I walk in the door.

The rev photo is from inside my car after a 6am class, I literally fogged up my own windows during my five-minute drive home!