It is “Extend Your Reach” month at DEFINE and we are highlighting the importance of stretching for sports, working out, and every day flexibility. Not only is stretching great for the body but also for the mind!

“Stretching should never be painful. You want to feel the stretch, but be careful of over stretching. Staying in a position too long can actually have reverse effects on your flexibility. The optimum way to gain flexibility is to hold the the stretch for 15-30 second, breathing deeply and then repeat 2 more times. This gives your body time to relax into the stretch without over doing it.” – DEFINE instructor, Ashley Barber

“It’s important to think about alignment in stretches. Sometimes in order to relax into a stretch, the opposing muscles get collapsed. It’s important to keep the spine lengthened and neutral to maintain balance in the body while stretching. Using inhales to lengthen out of the joints and exhales to relax into a stretch is a nice way to practice keeping alignment while deepening a stretch.”- DEFINE instructor, Ashley Barber

Join us as our “Extend Your Reach” month continues and register for the DEFINE mind : Extended Workshop with April this Saturday! For more information and to register click HERE. Can’t make the workshop?  Come join us for a DEFINE body class!