DEFINE charity spotlight of the month!

This month we are shining our spotlight on a very worthy local charity called Buster’s Friends .  Buster’s Friends is dedicated to helping homeless and abandoned animals in the city of Houston.  They provide medical care in the  form of vaccinations, testing, spay/neuter services to all of their animals prior to adopting them into loving forever homes.  They don’t have a shelter facility so they rely on volunteers to foster their animals until an adoption can occur.  There are countless ways to volunteer and help.

One event that we’re super excited about is coming up on June 9th :

You can have a 30 minute photo session with pet photographer extraordinaire – Robyn Arouty
For $75 you get a 30 minute session with your kitties and/or doggies and YOU. Robyn graciously donates $25 back to us!

If you have adopted from us you would also be eligible for our 2013 calendar!

CLICK HERE the link to sign up and find out more information on Pocketshots Click on either of the Buster’s Friends dates to sign up for your 30 minute slot! And you can read the Q & A about what to do, what to wear, what to bring ,etc.

Want your pet to be part of Buster’s Friends 2013 Calendar? Sign up for Pocketshots!!!