There is no doubt the right outfit can 100% have an effect on your workout and fitness goals, both psychologically and functionally.

For starters, when you look good you feel good right? In this way, getting a new workout outfit can make it that much more exciting to go workout. Because you can’t wait to wear it, you’re more likely to go in the first place. The boost to your confidence also shows up in the energy you put towards your workout. There is psychology behind it and research to back it up (For real: CHECK IT OUT!).

Of course there is also the functional side. The fitness apparel industry is full of new materials, cuts, and styles that help you not only look good, but also feel better during the workout. More sweat wicking material, lighter/more breathable materials, materials that stretch and conform to your body, all can help you be more comfortable. This, in turn, allows you to focus on your form and movement, and not having to constantly pull your pants up, or adjust your shirt or bra. Keep in mind what you wear to restorative yoga will be different than what you’d want to wear to indoor cycling (like DEFINE rev) or a trampoline class (a.k.a DEFINE BOUNCE). Consider the support you will need up top (eh hmm, bounce!), how much you will sweat (rev!), how much flexibility/free movement their might be, or if you will be going upside down (hammocks in the mind class anyone?!).

The important thing is that you are comfortable and confident inside and out. It will make your workout that much more enjoyable, which will influence your willingness to commit, and will ultimately show up in your results. So the next time you’re checking out some new workout retail, remember you can absolutely count it as an investment in your well-being!

Ashley Barber
Senior Instructor

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