blogheaderMy name is Lori Hudson.
  Some of you may know me already, I have been with DEFINE since the beginning. My training at DEFINE started before the first coat of paint ever went on the walls at the Tanglewood location, more than 3 years ago. My background – I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years; earned my doctorate in chiropractic; which was followed by a degree in nursing. My love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology in the human body drives me to continue to share my experiences and knowledge with those around me!

The time has come; you’ve reached the one-month mark!  Are we having fun yet? Though you may have been introduced to some muscles you never thought existed over the last few weeks, a sense of accomplishment and pride is bubbling up inside you! Don’t give up now; stay the course as we recap over how your body is transforming into a new and stronger you!

Keep the body moving – Research has shown that moving the body while muscles are sore can cause the muscle fibers to become stronger. This builds stamina and strength.  Soreness should feel better with movement.  The relationship between strengthening and lengthening the body is crucial.  Increasing range of motion and flexibility within the joints allows for better isolation of each muscle group providing an optimal workout with better results. Combining strength and flexibility to your workouts provides a sustainable method of achieving your goals while maintaining overall health and wellness.   Moving the body can also promote an increased production of clean synovial fluid; meaning, regular exercise and movement of the body also produces healthy, lubricated joints.

Longevity – DEFINE workouts promote a sustainable exercise routine that incorporates an intense calorie burn with muscle strengthening positions all while increasing flexibility. The classes contain weight bearing exercises, low impact exercises, and stretches. This variation allows you to utilize these exercises multiple times a week to bring about well-toned muscles and whole body health.

Exercise affects the mind – Naturally occurring neurotransmitters are released in the brain during exercise.  Exercise reduces stress in the body by creating more energy, while allowing the body to relax. Used as an outlet, exercise can improve health by helping the body maintain homeostasis/balance.

Don’t miss next month, as I go through various topics that can alter the integrity of the body and put you atrisk for hemostatic imbalance.