5 ways to keep your body healthy for running or cross training! – DEFINE instructor, Jennifer Harkins


Roll it! Take a DEFINE mind class once a week. even a 30 minute express class can lengthen the muscles, break up lactic acid, and increase the elasticity of the facia that encases our muscles. Think of it as maintenance. Your running performance will break new ground.

Do NOT stretch before you hit the pavement. Your muscles are not warm initially…so jog 5 minutes or so, and do some light stretching. Highlight your calves, quads, and hamstrings. Once your run is completed, follow up with some deeper stretching. Hips and IT bands are good areas to target.

Breathe. Breathing a little bit deeper and slower while you run slows the heart rate, which can enhance your performance.

Take breaks! Try not to run consecutive days. Your body, specifically your legs, need the rest between runs. It also helps to prevent burnout.

Enjoy it! If you hate running, don’t do it!  Cross train with DEFINE body&mind. Besides rolling out tightness from running in our DEFINE mind class, DEFINE body is proven to improve runners cardio endurance, muscle stamina, and runners posture.  Now with DEFINE revolution, DEFINE offers a great way for runners to improve their cardiovascular endurance while helping to save their joints.

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