Let’s hear it for the boys!

In November, DEFINE is celebrating the blokes with a Men’s Special all month. Any new male client can experience his first DEFINE class for FREE. If a class package is purchased during this visit, he will receive 50% off. New clients only. Cannot be shared with other clients. 

Why should he try DEFINE?

DEFINE classes are the perfect compliment to sports such as running, golf, tennis, or cycling. Not only do they offer physical results but mental clarity and release of stress. Small class size and knowledgable instructors provide a hands-on experience not found in traditional gyms.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear DEFINE clients share their experience.

IMG_0378“By joining my daughter in her classes, she changed my physical life.  I have lost and kept off almost 30 pounds, I no longer need Advil after physical workouts (whether a full day of chores at the ranch, a round of golf or simply over exerting myself) and I don’t tire easily as I did previous to strengthening my core.  Although I had investigated core exercises at my club and other venues, I never found it.  My daughter found it for me.  She changed my life.  Thank you Elizabeth, thank you DEFINE!”-Thomas Suffield

“I was a swimmer from age 8 all the way through college. DEFINE has been a great outlet to help me transition from my swimming career. I love being a part of accomplishing something challenging as a group.”-John Wagner

Golf 3-25-14 - Copy“Two years ago my daughter, who is a huge fan of DEFINE, asked me to try a class with her…afterwards I could not believe how hard the workout was. I decided to give it a try for one month as I had already lost 45 pounds, but felt like I needed to “strengthen and lengthen” my muscles. I fell in love with DEFINE, have taken 1,275 classes, and have lost another 25 pounds.

DEFINE has helped me in racquetball, tennis, and golf as I won the “longest drive” in my last two golf tournaments…not bad at 59, and my back does not get tired and fatigued anymore as it use to before DEFINE.”-Richard Dale 

“DEFINE has transformed the way I workout as well as the way I look and feel. I began going 3 years ago and have loved every second. My posture has improved while my lean muscle mass, flexibility and endurance have increased.

Whether the classes are your only form of exercise or if you enjoy an active lifestyle that includes additional weight training, team sports, or other cardio exercises, you are going to love the way you feel. And if those benefits aren’t enough, I love the community of instructors and my fellow students–they make working out fun and challenge you to exceed your expectations.”-Ben Johnston