Happy Thanksgiving Week DEFINE Peeps!  There have been some pretty cool tunes playing in our DEFINE body and DEFINE revolution classes lately.  These will surely make you want to sprint as fast as you can, pulse even lower, knock out that last rep or just want to completely wind down and relax. Throw some of them on your iPod to spice things up a bit.  Have fun!



Shake, Shake, Shake by Bronze Radio Edit

Fell in love with this song after hearing it in Henry’s class during tucks.  Such a feel gooder!

Bombs Away by B.o.B.

This gem of a song was debuted in Erin’s REV class one night and was seriously the coolest.  This song has been requested by a lot of you to see on the blog!  Amazing and motivating!  Plus, Morgan Freeman in the beginning sets the tone and makes it even more awesome.

High For This (Monsieur Adi Remix) by Ellie Goulding

Heard in Kirby’s REV class.  Love a good, thick hill song.  If this doesn’t put you in the zone and make you want to push harder then we don’t know what will.  Such a stunner!

Jonathan Coulton – Baby Got Back Remix

Coco’s go-to for glute stretch.  Pretty funny.  This songs always a winner.

I’m on a Roll by Stefano ft Rock Mafia and New Boyz

You’ve heard this fun pop song in Donna, Henry and Erin’s classes!  On a roll!

I Love It by Icona Pop

Love the euro hits.  You’ll hear this in Erin and Noe’s REV class.

Jump Up by Crookers ft Major Lazer, Leftside & Supahype

Crookers = Genius.   Kirby’s new favorite pump you up song.  🙂

Lullabies by Yuna

Another musical genius.


Hope you all enjoy the freshness!  Check back with us next week for more.  If there is a song you want to hear in class, shoot it our way.  We may just put it in there.  Happy Turkey Day!