Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and fed yourselves well!  It was nice to see a lot of you in the studios over the holiday and for those who were out of town or just on fitness vacation, here are some tunes from Kirby’s playlist to get you back in the groove and get things swinging again!

Jolene by Robotic Pirate Monkey

Fun times with Dolly.

Rockstar – Rihanna (Chew Fu Remix)

99 Problems – Hugo

Climb the hill?  I think so, you bet… just play this.

Put It Down – Brandy ft. Chris Brown

Brandy is back!

Shawty Got Moves – Get Cool

Here we go!

Lunar – David Guetta and Afrojack

Best sprint song known to man.

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

No words needed.  He’s amazing.

Flower – Moby (TYR Remix)

More please…


Going to go dance now! See you all next week on here and hope to see your smiling faces in class this week!