Promise that 2013 will be your year for weight loss? A little exercise can go a long way, if you maintain the right habits. Henry Richardson from DEFINE Body & Mind is revealing the top five mistakes that keep us from achieving fitness goals and sharing his tips to fix them.

5 mistakes people make to get off their New Year’s resolutions

1. Goals are out of alignment: A lot of people have free time over the holidays where the pace of life often slows down and things get back in balance.  People are more at ease away from work, so the idea of a New Years resolution is, quite frankly, exciting.  However, once work starts back up, people let their New Years resolution fly by like 2012!  For everyone making a new years resolution, it requires a thorough plan on how you are going to incorporate things in your daily life.  For example, if you decided that you were going to do some sort of workout 5 days a week this year, did you set a time that you were going to workout.  Did you say how long you are going to workout?  Did you create the space that you are going to workout in?  Simple questions that a lot of people don’t answer when they are making their new years resolution plans.  Additionally, a lot of people set such aggressive goals that they are impossible to maintain once life gets busy again.  Be careful when setting goals.  Set yourself up for success by being honest with yourself and your time.

2. Focus on cardio: Most people tend to think cardio workouts are the best way to jump start a workout regimen.  When honestly, the most bang for your buck in working out is strength training and resistance training.  The muscles take time to recover after a strength training program, and this process is part of the metabolism speeding up.  If you can dedicate time to strength training and some cardio either alternating days or mixing the two up within a workout, you will see the fastest results.  That combined with a natural foods diet, and you will be motivated to continue your new years resolution of working out.

3. Overtrain/Burnout: It is very important to build in recovery as well as a stretching/easy day for your workout program.  Some really easy stretches to do when you are at home, traveling for work, are using a strap to help lengthen the hamstrings/IT band/and hips.  This will keep your body feeling great, so building in a day that you can look forward to without any worrying is always very motivating for any workout plan.

4. Bad form and no stretching = injury: Some people out there claim they are not meant to “work out”.  Typically this person is someone who associates working out with heavy lifting, throwing tires, or overly extreme workouts that aren’t meant for long-term purposes.  If you are someone who has an injury and needs something that provides modifications for an old injury, there are a lot of great exercise programs, including the program at DEFINE which is centered around physical therapy.  Keeping in proper form and being in balance by adding stretching is always a good rule of thumb.  If you find yourself making excuses that your body wasn’t meant for exercise, I would say modern day conveniences have gotten the best of your life.  The body is meant to move, so find something you enjoy to move to.

5. Focus on the sacrifice vs. the benefit: All goals should have a long-term outlook if they are going to be something you incorporate into your daily life.  A lot of people get frustrated because they go into their new year resolutions with such enthusiasm, and that quickly dies off (especially if someone isn’t seeing results right away).  If someone is going to be making a true life change with their diet or their exercise regimen, the glass must be half full.  Focus on what you want, the benefits, the positives.  If all you do is wish you were watching your favorite show on TV or eating your favorite pizza, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Give yourself cheat days where you get to take the night off and do whatever you want, eat what you want.  After a few times like this you will start to see you feel your best on the non-cheat days, so your cheating becomes more balanced.

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