This week for LOVE YOUR LOOK we caught up with DEFINE instructor Ashley Barber to share with us how she mixes up her fashion favorites in and outside the studio!

Ashley, you have a way of mixing and matching all the right pieces for a truly cool & comfortable style. How would you describe your look?

It’s funny that you say “mixing and matching”  because I would describe my look as relaxed but a little edgy, and those two words are actually antonyms. But I do love to mix soft feminine pieces with more harsh masculine ones. The interplay is interesting because the two looks balance each other out creating a comfortable androgynous style. The overall goal of my look is to project a sense of ease and confidence. I believe style is confidence. If you wear what you love, and what makes you feel cool, you will project a confidence that helps you own your look.


DEFINE instructor Ashley Barber, Photography/Design Christi Minter DEFINE body & mind

What lines are you drawn to?

For me each line has it’s particular talent.  Bobi does the oversized tee so well. Splits 59 pants are great at making anyone look like they have legs for days. Beyond Yoga is a new line DEFINE started carrying, and their tops are divinely soft and comfortable. Sparkly Soul has perfected the non-slip headband, a necessity for teaching DEFINE rev. And then of course Lululemon is my go to for all of the staples that help tie other styles together.


How do you decide on an outfit for DEFINE body and revolution and mind? Are they different?

They are different. I consider both the practical needs and the vibe of the class when choosing what to wear. In DEFINE body there is a little more leeway in playing with style because the overall vibe of the class is fun and fashionable. There isn’t too much to consider practical wise, you just want people to be able to see your movements clearly. I can wear a looser top or pant and get away with it as long as it’s paired with something less voluminous. However, rev requires a more technical and form-fitting outfit, and the reason is purely practical–you don’t want any loose clothing to somehow catch on a bike. The energy of rev is a little spunky, and so the outfits usually reflect that as well. And then there is the mind class, which is all about pure, unadulterated comfort.

Do you have specific items that go with everything?

Bobi tees in the studio and out of the studio. With leggings or jeans, flats or boots,you gotta love them! I wear them everywhere.

Are there specific cuts you like in tops and bottoms? How can we pull it all together to have the same cool girl look?

Lately I’ve been rocking the a long loose feminine top paired with a tight, edgy legging. My favorite outfits of the moment would be either the pink Linen Bobi Tank or the Splits 59 Devon Tank in Marina Blue paired with either the Splits 59 Nova Crop or the Lululemon Wunder Unders, both in black. If it’s chilly, I love to throw on a pair of motorcycle boots and a cool jacket when leaving the studio. When it’s warmer, some flats or sandals with a light sweater create the perfect look so that I feel cool and comfortable while I’m out and about.
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Pictured: Splits 59 Nova Capri, Splits 59 Loren bra in barberry, Splits 59 Danica P. Tank, Beyond Yoga Elastic Sweep Tank in white, Beyond Yoga Racerback Tank in black, and Sparkly Soul headbands.

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DEFINE instructor Ashley Barber, Photography/Design Christi Minter DEFINE body & mind