“Millions of people will hit the roads, rail and sky over the remainder of the holiday season, and tagging along with them will be hordes of germs ready to spread to the traveling masses. Despite being surrounded by bacteria and viruses in stores, airports and other public places, there are a few simple ways to minimize the risk of catching a disease, such as the cold and the flu, which could zap the happy out of the holidays.” – , GMA For more of this article click here.

At DEFINE we are celebrating “Heathy Through The Holidays”.  We want to promote a clean workout environment for everyone. In addition to our scheduled studio cleaning and maintenance, here are a few tips to remember that can decrease the spreading of those nasty germs and help keep you healthy!

1 – Cleaning mats or bikes after each workout with our provided sanitary wipes.

2 – Dropping dirty towels in towel bins right after workout.

3 – Upon arrival and departure, use the front desk antibacterial hand sanitizer.

4 –  Along with consuming a balanced nutrient filled diet, drink lots of water and take vitamin C, daily.

5 –  Whether getting water or opening and closing your locker,  remember to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer in between your workout. Refrain from touching items and then rubbing your eyes nose or face can decrease illness.

Check out this video for more for more healthy holiday tips!