Reset your body with a DEFINE foods Winter Cleanse Package. We’ve thoughtfully created 3 different ways to detox in the New Year: a 1-Day Juice Cleanse, a 3-Day Juice Cleanse, and a Food + Juice Detox Kit. 


DEFINE foods as founded on the idea that true health means you’re making the right choices for your body to feel your absolute best, and that choice is personal to you. Once you get started on this path, everything else falls into place. Each DEFINE foods cleanse aims to reset and renew the body to help you feel your absolute best. Whether you’re new to cleanses or an experienced consumer, each of our cleansing styles is perfect for resetting your body during the winter season by flooding it with super nutrients and allowing the stomach, liver and gut to rest. 


DEFINE foods Creator Erin Stewart collaborated with Rawfully Organic Co-Op and Crushed Juicery to create the winter detox packages with a focus on seasonal produce and unique pairings to kick-start healthy habits in 2015. 

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DEFINE-foods-Juice-4Erin Stewart, creator of the DEFINE foods program, uses her culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts to educate on the importance of using natural seasonal ingredients aimed towards healing to build a balanced and grounded lifestyle. Erin recently launched an intelligently created product line for DEFINE foods consisting of superfood granola and cold pressed juices.  For more information on the DEFINE foods program, click here.