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I have never taken the time to do anything testimonial-like before, and now is an unlikely time to start:  I have a baby, an active three year-old, and a writing career that keeps me busy.  But DEFINE has become so meaningful to my family that I decided to respond to the #WEDIDIT post asking for personal goal stories.

My friends started talking about DEFINE right before I got pregnant with my second baby.  I finally signed up to take my first DEFINE body class when Wyatt was three months old; his older brother, Jacob, was about to turn three.  I walked into that class an utterly exhausted, breastfeeding mom of two busy boys with 20 pounds of postpartum weight on me.  The class was as tough as I’d anticipated, but I knew instinctively that it was something I should stick with.

And so I did.  I took two DEFINE body classes and one DEFINE yoga class a week for the next six months.  Even though Wyatt continued (continues!) to be a bad sleeper, I knew I’d feel better if I went to class, even if in a fog.  I started feeling stronger and more balanced within a couple of weeks; after six months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  More importantly, I’d replaced excess fat with muscle, my clothes fit better, and I felt stronger than ever–even stronger than when I worked with a personal trainer twice a week and ran regularly.  And most importantly, I felt like I’d reclaimed my body, my strength, and my overall health.

About this time, my husband–an extremely hard-working attorney who’d gone from bachelor-to-husband-to-father-of-two in a blink and couldn’t seem to find the time or energy to exercise–decided to open his own law practice.  We both knew that he needed an outlet for stress and time to take care of himself, especially because we’d seen how transformative my DEFINE workouts had become for me.  I suggested he try a Rev class.  He did, and afterwards, walked directly to the front desk and purchased a year’s worth of unlimited Rev classes.  That was three months ago; Josh is fitter, leaner, and healthier already, and to both of our excitement, craves three to four classes per week for both mental and physical well-being. Naturally, I had to see what the fuss was about and now have three DEFINE revolution classes under my belt, too.  I can’t wait to line up some babysitting so that Josh and I can take a class together, one of these days!

I may never look like a DEFINE instructor or ever be able to do a one-legged Chaturanga, but I am utterly thrilled with the level of fitness and strength I’ve achieved with the incredible encouragement and contagious focus, enthusiasm, and determination of DEFINE instructors.  I’m equally thrilled with the transformation I’m watching unfold in my husband.
Thank you DEFINE for giving us fitness, health and instilling in us the belief that our well-being is well worth investment.  I will always be grateful. -DEFINE client, Emily Schaffer