DEFINE’s charity spotlight for September is Yellowstone Academy! DEFINE instructor Rachel Boyd has a passion for education and her favorite school is Yellowstone Academy. We had a chance to chat with Rachel to find out more!  To see her interview with DEFINE, click here.  

Yellowstone Academy exists to promote human flourishing among Houston’s neediest families. The school exclusively serves children from very low-income families with a program designed to provide them the educational, spiritual, social and practical resources they need to succeed in life.  For more about Yellowstone, click here or visit

Share Rachel’s passion for education? Here are a few ways YOU can help out!

1.”The most rewarding thing for both the school and the individual is to get involved! Volunteer!“, says Rachel.  If you don’t know where to start, go to their website and sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be amazed by what they do and motivated to help!

3.  Donate hand sanitizer, Kleenex or Clorox Wipes.  DEFINE will be collecting all of these items at all studios in the month of September.