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Travel Yoga
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Traveling can be hard on your mind and your body. As exciting as it may be to visit new places and explore new things, your personal wellness is often compromised when encountering new environments and unexpected situations.Try to feel balanced throughout your journey, rather than just waiting until a destination to “catch-up” on your wellness. Here are a few ways to maintain physical and mental awareness while on the move:

Engage Your Mind

Traveling is a great time to indulge on certain intellectual stimulations you may not always have time for. Catch up on your book lists and take some time to do some journaling of your own. While you are away, reflect on your past and present, and think about how you wish your future to unfold.Every place you go has a history, so engage your curiosity to learn about the soil beneath your steps. This can help you to learn about new cultures and gain a more dynamic perspective on your own life, as well as the people and places you will continue to encounter.

Move Your Body

Traveling can be enriching for the mind, yet simultaneously very hard on the body. You may not be able to maintain your favored exercise routine or nutrition structure, so you have to be able to adjust and work with what you have.When you are on long road trips, train journey or airline flights, do your best to move whenever possible. Walking and stretching can do wonders to increase circulation and help fend-off stiffness, so take advantage of time and space in rest stops and airports to move your body.Even if you just manage to stand in a forward bend in a train compartment for a few minutes, you will notice an immediate increase in your physical awareness, which will help you feel more balanced as you go on your way.Also, try to maintain your fitness, even when you are traveling. It may take a little extra motivation to get out for your runs on vacation, but it will help you feel your best when you are away and when you get home.

Use Your Awareness

Be mindful in your travels. Try to travel as sustainably as possible, for yourself and for the environment. Pay close attention to your surroundings with all of your five senses to take in new experiences in every new place. Have appreciation and respect for the new things you encounter, even if you don’t like, understand or agree with all of it. Try new foods, take spontaneous excursions and talk to people. Be open-minded and kind to others, and you will most often receive the same treatment in return.Be sure to plan well, so you will be able to take good care of yourself along the way. Pack healthy snack foods when possible, and always drink a lot of clean water to stay hydrated. Try to pack lightly, and allow enough time to get to the places you need to go so that you are not caught in a rush, which can result in stressful and careless circumstances.

Practice Patience

Always remind yourself to be patient, in every situation. There are time when you will need to be patient with others, but most often you will find that you will need to be patient with yourself. Pay attention to your needs and do not neglect the things that will keep you healthy and whole on a day-to-day basis.When you show up as your complete and balanced self, you will be able to embrace new places for everything they have to offer. For more on this article and more – visit Organicsoul's favicon organicsoul.com