A Q + A with Creator Erin Stewart

First juice, then granola, why now a protein bar for DEFINE foods?

Cacao BarI consider myself a bar connoisseur. I’ve relied on the energy that protein bars give me for performances when I was dancing in high school, college, and then all the way through my professional years performing and auditioning in New York City. Bars were the best thing to fuel myself with prior to (and sometimes even during) intense and lengthy performances to move with energy yet stay light on my toes.

I have been on the search for the ‘perfect’ bar for as long as I can remember. One that is unprocessed, fueling, sustaining and made with whole, functional ingredients is not as easy to find as you may think. With so many bars on the market, you’d actually be surprised how many ‘healthy’ labeled brands are actually made with cheap, low-quality ingredients hiding tons of sugar and additives that cause distress and do more harm than good on our bodies.

What is plant-based protein? What are the benefits vs. traditionally advertised sources of protein?

I get the question all of the time, where do you get your protein from? As someone who does not eat meat, I know first hand that animal is not the only source of protein. In fact, alternative protein sources from plant-based sources like chia, hemp, rice, quinoa, pea, nuts and seeds provide human protein needs with unique amino acid profiles that are equal to or far superior to animal, milk, whey or soy. Just clean, lean, whole plant protein is less taxing on the body, is anti-inflammatory, contains nothing processed or genetically modified and are much more easily assimilated and digested than traditional protein sources.

Erin Stewart creates the packaging at DEFINE: Austin.

Erin Stewart creates the bar packaging at DEFINE: Austin.

The packaging reads “functional ingredients for your movement lifestyle.” How will the contents increase my fitness performance?

Our protein bars are made with essential macronutrients, including clean protein, complex carbohydrates and energy-promoting good fats for a strong physique from our blend of super plants, organic and unsweetened nuts, fruits and spices. They are also lightly sweetened with low-glycemic sweeteners, which keeps the sugar content low. Most protein bars that tote 10 g of protein, also have 10 g of sugar that come along with that!

We heard the bars sold out in studio on the first day. Where can we get them to cure a Cacao or Cashew craving?

You can order your own box anytime at DEFINEfoods.com to be shipped right to your door.


What’s next for DEFINE foods?

More workshops, more products, online cleanses and trainings soon to come!

I am hosting my 4th annual Healthy for the Holidays workshop this month on November 14th in Houston. New creative spins on your traditional seasonal fare, kitchen tips and tricks for your holiday fetes. Sign up here.

I am also working on a training program so all DEFINE studios can host DEFINE foods workshops soon to come. Sharing nutrition and cooking knowledge goes hand in hand with our core movement-based classes. Giving our instructors and trained chefs the tools and the knowledge to be able to speak our mission and educate on how to fuel your body pre and post workout is a natural progression to our current offerings. I am very excited to get our DEFINE foods program to all DEFINE studios soon.