In honor of Mother’s Day, earlier this week DEFINE Founder Henry Richardson sat down with his mom for a chat about their relationship. Now it’s DEFINE Co-owner and DEFINE foods Chef, Erin O’ Leary Stewart’s turn.

Give your mom the gift of an intimate moment with a light-hearted Q&A. Ask your mom these questions and let us know what enlightening tidbits you found out about her.

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Erin: What characteristics do we share? Which of my characteristics differ from you?

Kathleen: We both are very driven to achieve all we can be and are constantly striving to be better and inspire others. We are independent, entrepreneurs, results oriented, love the arts, music and cherish our friends and family dearly.

We began dance classes around the same age and continued throughout college, though it became your profession post college and took your education in movement/health into the fitness industry today.

We also differ in that you love to cook and I love to eat!

Erin: What are the differences from being a mother now days to when I was a child? Which do you think is harder/easier?

Kathleen: Since I had a business career before my children were born, I knew I would continue to work throughout my life. Raising children while working was never easy and I suspect it is not easy today for the younger mothers.

Erin: What is your favorite memory of being my mother?

Kathleen: When you entered grade school, every year was exciting to experience your achievements as your mother. Your dance recitals, swim team races, tennis/golf lessons, cheerleading awards and student council elections kept us all busy!

Erin: What has surprised you about the path my life has taken as an adult?

Kathleen: I was very surprised you became interested in cooking since you never cooked in high school or college. Achieving a degree in the culinary arts was a big surprise but also obviously relevant to your industry, as what you put into your body goes hand-in-hand to the benefits of exercise.

Erin: What one piece of health and wellness advice would you give mothers in their 20s, 30s and 40s?

Kathleen: My advice to every person is to make sure you do something for yourself everyday. We all work very hard and our lives are hectic. It is important to take a small amount of time for yourself. Years ago, I would get up at 5:00am so I would have time to relax in a hot bath with no interruptions. Quiet time is important. When my children took naps, I would read a book or magazine even if there were many other chores waiting for me. Those 30 minute “time outs” gave me the energy I needed.