Energized Teacher + Personal knowledge & experience= Inspired students

Houston-based Fund for Teachers supports that equation by funding teachers’ self-designed summer fellowships. By giving teachers the opportunity to pick what they want to learn and where they want to learn it, Fund for Teachers empowers educators to pursue knowledge that directly impacts students’ learning.

Since 2001, more than 5,000 preK-12 teachers from across America have used $18 million in Fund for Teachers grants to conduct field research, volunteer with community organizations, master new skills or deepen their understanding of a subject. These teachers return to classrooms more competent and confident about their teaching, and more excited to share their new learning and experiences with students.

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“I believe every child is unique and every child deserves the right to learn; therefore, I am willing to spend hours looking for and writing grants to ensure that my students have exactly what they need to become their best selves,” said Patricia Greenleaf, Houston teacher and Fund for Teachers Fellow. “Of all the grants I’ve written, my Fund for Teachers grant is the most meaningful. Receiving a Fund for Teachers grant provided more than materials to enhance curriculum, it allowed me to learn and grow in ways that challenged my life and my students’ lives.”

With her FFT grant, Patricia studied the influence of Galileo and Claudius Ptolemy on math and science. She viewed their tools and original works in Rome, learned about curriculum development through the Galileo Teacher Training Program at the United Nations Education, ScientificCultural Organization in Venice, and researched astronomical principles at the University of Padua (where Galileo was Chair of Physics) to motivate students to become engaged, independent learners.

Each October, teachers apply for grants through the nonprofit’s online application, due at the end of January. Throughout the spring, committees comprised of local education, business and philanthropy leaders convene to select those teachers who will go on to experience their self-designed fellowship during the summer break. Althoughoriginally available to only Houston teachers, Fund for Teachers now awards grants in nine additional cities, as well as across eight states – including Texas.

“Our grants honor exemplary teachers’ quest for life-long learning and intensifies the impact they make in the classroom,” said Karen Webb, Fund for Teachers executive director. “By rewarding our nation’s best preK-12 educators with opportunities to deepen their scholarship, we’re catalyzing students’ growth, as well.”

More than 600 Houston-area schools now have teachers who’ve infused new skills and/or perspectives into classrooms as a result of Fund for Teachers grants. For more information or to participate in the selection of Fund for Teachers’ 2013 Fellows, email info@fundforteachers.org or visit www.fundforteachers.org.

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