Ever Thought of Buying a Franchise? It May Be a Life-Changing Experience!

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Unhappy at your current job? Tired of working in a business, only to profit someone else? Want to work for yourself but not by yourself? Chances are, if you’ve thought of going out on your own and starting a business, somebody has suggested that you look into a franchise.

For those who aren’t very familiar with the concept, here’s a quick recap: Smoothie King, AAMCO, Sport Clips, Dippin’ Dots—the list runs into the thousands are all franchises. Almost any time you go into a business that you can find in multiple cities, states, and even countries, you’re in a franchise, although there are exceptions like Target & Whole Foods, both of which only have company-operated outlets.

Franchises in the Health & Wellness industry are really on trend! Consumers are devoting more dollars to remaining fit and healthy, which is creating lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs, like you, who are passionate about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and/or promoting a healthy lifestyle. Society’s obsession with wellness and fitness is well documented. It’s a perfect time to turn your passion into a successful business opportunity with a franchise that knows how to turn that passion into profit.

When thinking of franchising in its most basic sense, there are several good reasons to buy a DEFINE franchise! Here are just a few:

1. You want to work for yourself, not by yourself. Becoming a DEFINE franchisee is a great way to avoid ever having to deal with a tough job market ever again. You’ll have DEFINE’s corporate staff to support and mentor you throughout the process. This relationship works for someone who is willing to follow guidelines and can focus on the day to day operations of the business while the corporate staff seeks out best practices to share with the franchisees, along with new products and service research and development. You can do things like hire and fire employees, but you can’t change the overall look and culture of the business. But that’s a good thing. You don’t buy a DEFINE franchise because you want to change it. You buy it because it’s a tried-and-tested business model that when run correctly, is destined for success!

2. You’re excited about hard work. Many people buy a franchise expecting a “business in a box.” The misconception is that you buy into the franchise and open the doors, clients will come flooding in and it’ll run itself. Not true, you need to be motivated and willing to put time and energy into your DEFINE studio, in order to make your investment pay off, and you must follow corporate’s system and guidelines. If you get an adrenaline rush from running a business, you may want to consider buying a DEFINE franchise.

3. You don’t want to take too much of a risk. The advantages of going into franchising with DEFINE is that you have the 7 years of experience from DEFINE and the system’s established staff and fellow franchisees who can guide and support you. We offer ongoing training and support to arm you with the latest and greatest tools, education, & technologies designed for driving traffic and sales to your studio. Nobody’s going to hand you the keys and expect you to magically understand how to open and run a DEFINE. Another plus is the buying power and efficiencies of scale in the franchise system. DEFINE can negotiate lower prices and deals for the equipment, products, and services you need to run your studio.

4. You are passionate about helping others be their absolute best. Our perfect Franchisee is one that is passionate about fitness, wellness, and fulfilling their personal and professional goals, while helping others become their absolute best. Thriving studio franchisees don’t have the magic touch, but they do have a few things in common that drives their success – passion, dedication and a desire to help others while following their own passion.

So does this peak your interest? We sure hope so.

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